RA 1239 used formwork tablesproduction width 8 x 2,20 m, with forklift straps and feet for stacking the tables, tables can also be used as a production line with screw connections, year of construction 2018 
RA 1272 used hydraulic tilting tables1x usable area 10 x 4,68 m, 1x usable area 9 x 4,68 m, steel covering with hydraulic rubber stamp 
RA 128used hydraulic tilting tableusable area 9 x 4,92 m, with steel covering, with hydraulic stamp, with complete vibrating technology
RA 1822 used battery formworkeach with 9 compartments, compartment size 8 x 2,75 m, for wall thicknesses 12/18/20 m, incl. steaming
RA 199used column formwork make Howallength 16 m, twin formwork, max. chamber dimensions: 1,00 x 1,00 m, steel formwork
RA 207used binder formwork make Technoplanincl. tensioning track make PAUL, length 73 m, width 35 - 45 cm (other dimensions possible with wooden formwork construction), max. height 2,20 m (other dimensions possible with wooden formwork construction)
RA 210used TT formwork with tensioning track make PAUL56 m long, consistent shape, possible panels variable from 0,50 up to 55 m length, max. height 1,00 m, max. width 3,00 m, bridge height 1,00 m
RA 437used stirrup bending machine make Progress EBA S 16 ARWyear of construction 2016, 2.600 working hours, single wire 6-16 mm, automatic wire change
MA 316used mixing plant / tower plant for fresh concrete, year of construction 20081 pcs. mixer make BHS DKXS double-shaft mixer 3 cbm, 129 cbm/h output, automatic high-pressure cleaning make Walter, aggregate silos: 8 pcs. with 1x 32,5 cbm, 6x 40,5 cbm, binder silos: 4 pcs. with 3x 100 to, additive system: 7 pcs. double-walled tanks, control make Siemens EMS 8
SI 0952 used cement silos each 29 cbm capacityincl. complete silo technic and 2 cement screws
DM 300used planetary mixer make Pemat PMPR 11251.125 ltr. capacity, 700 ltr. fixed ejection with additional agigators, incl. additional center scales and pumps, dust filter, cement scales, feeder conveyor belt
DV 784used bucket track, make Kübatyear of construction 2010, very little used, with rotating tilting bucket 2 pcs., capacity 1,50 cbm each
BA 079used block making plant, make Omag Tronic S22 140-90year of construction 2001, with core and facing, board size 1.400 x 950 mm, Colormix slide facing, machine through additional investments to the latest technical standard, conversion for an additional hydraulic unit for ballast, conversion to servo vibration with conversion to S7 control, conversion to digital distance measurement, new core filling car
BF 096used tilt molding machineyear of construction 2018, like new condition, for products up to 5 m long, 1,25 m wide and a maximum product height of 900 mm, complete circulation with tilt molding machine, demolding crane, transport system, depositing device and production + transport pallets, automatic production machine for different products such as e.g. slatted floors, path plates, u-canals
BV 686used diamond wire saw - mobile, make Pellegrinifor cutting / trimming large blocks or cutting thick stone slabs, usable width: 4 m, usable cutting height: 2,2 m
VE 806used conveyor belt, make Doubravalength 35 m with a dispensary, conveyor belt is covered so that the transported concrete does not get too wet in bad weather
SB 005used chamber filter pressyear of construction 2005, 10 chambers each 60/60 cm, with new filter cloths, hydraulic pump, control cabinet and Siemens control, incl. compressed air diaphragm pump, 1 pressing 3.700 liter mud, pressing time 15 - 20 min