RA 207Column formwork, 2 pcs, make: HOWAL Multiflexlength 6.50 m, max. cross-section W: 1.40 m, H: 1.06 m, steel formwork, spindle adjustment20.10.20
RA 212Single-chamber bar formwork SCHWINGHAMMER2 pcs. Á 30 m (2 x 15 m), chamber dimensions 1.80 x 2.00 m, electr. movable, vibrator BOSCH20.10.20
RA 405Multi-bar cutting machine, make PEDDINGHAUS METAXrail spacing: 12 m, output: 32 mm - 1 bar, 25 mm - 4 bars, 6 mm - 15 bars with measuring and pulling device, hydr. Reinforcing steel shears, measuring and distribution track, two collecting and transport tracks20.10.20
RA 406Mat cutting machine, make: HAMBI MAXI-CUT 600manufactured in 2012, max. passage width: 6 m, with damping system and double return speed20.10.20
RA 409Mesh cutting machine, make: HAMBI TV 60 Vreinforced version, working width: 6 m, max. output: 12 mm single rod x 150 mm rod spacing, 8 mm double rod x 100 mm rod spacing20.10.20
RA 435Straightening and cutting system, make: FILZMOSER RA-X 14 S x 6with chain magazine + laying robot make: HAUSER, with automatic shooting unit for spacers, on round steel 6-8 mm, with double bending function, control BECKHOFF, manufactured in 201120.10.20
RA 453Automatic stirrup bending machine STEMA PEDAX 12 XVBj. 2000, double strand with wire diameter: 5 - 12 mm, feed speed: max. 110 m / min, bending speed: max. 1500 ° / s, bending angle: 0-180 °20.10.20
RA 460Radius bending machine, make: PROGRESS Radialmaster type SPXyear 2015, electr. equipment and controls Radial Master, motorized transport roller conveyor, fully electric reinforcing steel radius bending machine Mod.SPX,integrated feed unit, rod diameter knife range: 12 - 40 mm, Rmin. 700 mm, Rmin. 1000 mm with a diameter of 30-40 mm, max. curvature radius 20,000 mm (infinite)20.10.20
MA 316Concrete mixing plant PEMAT / ELBA, pan mixer PEMAT 2.25fixed output 2 cbm, with agitator, 3 cement silos (2 x 60 to, 1 piece. 80 to), automatic scraper ELBA RSA 50, additive scales WÜRSCHUM, control KAISER Opal converted to RK process technology, heating VIESSMANN control, recycling plant SANDAU20.10.20
BA 072Tilting mold paver ROSSETTO B 3 / REKERSmanufactured in 2007, automatic vibration press, production area: 2200 x 1400 x 1200 mm, up to 1200 mm height, for the production of concrete containers, rings, drainage channels, high curbs, water channels, lids ... with and without steel reinforcement20.10.20
BA 402Complete production plant for roof tiles made of concreteproduction output: 24,000 concrete roof tiles in 8 hours, with mixing plant and all aluminum documents20.10.20
BV 204Palletizing systems, make: VORNINGfor the automatic palletizing of rumpled paving stones and bricks on Euro pallet20.10.20
BV 699Throughfeed stone saw, make: WASSMER type DFS-04 D-2built in 2005, for H-block and building blocks, horizontal and vertical saw support, manual height adjustment via threaded spindles, conveyor belt approx. 1 m wide, vertical unit 25 kW for sawing blade diameter 1000 mm, horizontal saw unit 15 kW for saw blade diameter 500 mm, cutting height approx. 120 mm20.10.20
DV 752Concrete bucket, capacity 2 cbmwith fish mouth opening, electrically operated, discharge roller (integrated), spring cable drum for indoor crane20.10.20
VE 199Heavy-duty trucks, 7 pcsload capacity: 5 to, platform 1000 x 2000 mm, stanchion height: 1010 mm, 1-axle turntable steering, solid rubber tires20.10.20
VE 301Diesel forklift truck, make: ALTHAUS & GERICK type ST 40load capacity: 4 tons, lifting height: 3.64 m, fork length: 1.20 m20.10.20
VE 310Diesel forklift truck, make: DOOSAN D 90 S 7load capacity: 9000 kg, year 2019, 213 operating hours, lifting height: 3600 mm, construction height: 3085 mm, free lift: 150 mm, fork tines: 2400 mm20.10.20
VE 350Diesel forklift truck, make: HYSTER H 16 XM 6load capacity: 16 to, year 2011, 1829 Bh, lifting height: 5000 mm, construction height: 3200 mm, free lift: 1400 mm, fork tines: 2400 mm20.10.20