BA 071Block making production, make: ZENITH type 860complete system for paving stones and curbs etc.03.02.2019
BR 608Jacking pipe formwork1 x diam. 1000/1260 mm, wall thickness 130 mm, length 3500 mm, 1 x diam. 1800/2320 mm, wall thickness 260 mm, 3500 mm03.02.2019
DV 650Concrete distributor / rotary distributor,make: PUTZMEISTER RV 15; 4.5 Z, large-area concreting made easy, e.g. in the precast concrete factory or on construction sites, the rotary distributor was rebuilt so that also vertically adjustable, 2 arms, range: 15 m, concreting 700 sqm03.02.2019
DV 755Concrete bucket, make: NUSPL HDK 1.500year 2013, bucket capacity: 1.5 cbm, dimensions of the bucket: L 1.90 x W 1.90 x H 2.00 m, with lamella discharge, hydroelectric drive 21 m from U 220, of which 10 m straight + various supports with welded-in running rail, 2 end buffers and splash guard plates, bucket waggon with in oilbad storaged drive and tilt drive, bucket capacity 1,5 cbm03.02.2019
RA 103Circulating pallets – stackable34 pcs., make AVERMANN, steel covering plan - for exposed concrete, dimensions á 17.50 x 2.40 m, passage height 325 cm, land use: 400 kg/m, weight per pallet 7100 kg, tables are self-stacked up to 25 pcs.03.02.2019
RA 125Hydr. tilting table, make: NUSPLsteel cover with wooden surface, meassure: approx. 12,5 x 4,5 m, edge form fixed, height approx. 20 cm, incl. hydraulic aggregate, 11 pcs outer vibrators03.02.2019
RA 207Twin-column formwork make: AVERMANNsteel formwork Betoplan planked, length 18 m, formwork can be finished up to 70/70 cm cross-section03.02.2019
RA 211Against bid! Binder formwork, hydr. adjustable, make: AVERMANNfor loose and tensioned rod parts or binders, up to max. length 38 m, component height up to 210 cm width upper chord up to approx. 60 cm, year approx. 2001, upper and lower belt variably adjustable, hydraulics movable on both sides03.02.2019
RA 381Full automatic. circulation system for floor slabscirculation VOLLERT with lateral displacement of the pallet, with 44 pallets, 16,50 x 2,40 m, oscillation table NETTER GYROSHAKE, take-off device WECKENMANN, lattice girder cutting and welding machine FILZMOSER, rotor straightening system, MRP WECKENMANN with setting of the transverse stop and plotter, drying chamber for 42 tables, including hall cranes for transfer03.02.2019
RA 406round steel bending machine, make: MUBEA type BO62bending capacity: up to diameter 62 mm, e.g. 1 bar - 62 mm, 2 bars - 50 mm, 3 bars - 42 mm, 4 bars 32 mm, 10 programmable angles, 3 speeds: 3, 10 and 15 rpm03.02.2019
RA 423 Stirrup bending machine, make: EVG PBN 12double wire: 5 - 10 mm, incl. 4 pcs. splutter03.02.2019
RA 428Stirrup bending machine, working from the bar, make: SCHWELL Barwiser A8300diameter: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 22 mm, with multi-chamber storage system03.02.2019
RA 431Fully automatic multi-strand wire straightening and bending machinewith automatic spacer, round steel magazine and chain magazine Fabr. PROGRESS MSR 16/5 - 2Bk / e SERVO-ASH, incl. 2 bending heads (only cranking)03.02.2019
RA 460Lattice girder processing station, PROGRESS GTA 91 / s - LIFT 93consisting of a lattice girder storage system, a lattice girder cutting machine and a lattice girder buffer and position magazine + upper girth welding machine03.02.2019
RA 470Roboter, 7-axis linear guide infeed portalPROGRESS EPR, fully automatic laying of transverse reinforcement, longitudinal reinforcement, lattice girders on pallets03.02.2019
SI 104Linear bins6 chambers á 30 cbm, incl. weighing cells conveyor03.02.2019
VE 203heavy duty trailermake: MAFI type 1160, capacity 17 to, double link03.02.2019
VE 550Conveyor belt POWERSCREEN M 609 m, belt width: 62 cm, incl. hydr. drive03.02.2019