BV 150 used Lissmac crane + brick band saw, 1) Lissmac crane, LMK 400 TFEload capacity 5 m boom 400 kg, hook height 4500 - 6000 mm, 2) 2 used. Masonry band saws for aerated concrete, bricks and blocks Cutting height up to 760 mm, cutting length of max. 700 mm, incl. roller table
BV 190 5300 pcs. br. Support boards make Conplex1500 x 750 x 38 mm, structure of the board: hardwood glued crosswise in layers
BV 191 893 pieces used Base boards make WASAtype: Uniplast/full plastic,Dimensions: 1450 x 950 x 50mm
BV 202 used Transportable banding machine, make Combipack type FB-1-Hyear of construction 2016, maximum size of the pallets that can be banded is: L-1,200 mm, B-1,200 mm, H-1,600 mm
BV 205 horizontal strapping system with test stand, plastic strapping, including a second replacement welding headmin. package size: 70x70cm, max.: 130x130cm, control system: SIEMENS S5
BV 680 used blasting system for paving stones, incl. loading and unloading devicepassage width 1.000 mm, passage height approx. 400 mm, with blasting chamber and perforated belt, with complete dust extraction system
BV 690 used bridge cutter, make Wenzler, machine width with support path 3.000 mm: approx. 6.500 mmmachine height with support in top position and table height 550 mm: approx. 2.900 mm, free passage between the two track bases approx. 4.500 mm
BV 697 used edge polisher for natural stones, make Comandulli Edilux 10+4 SXthe edge polisher has 10 end surfaces grinding supports each 150 mm and can process edges up to 10 cm thick, the machine also has: 4x bevel supports, 1x water groove above, 1x water groove below, 1x strengthening cutter
BV 699 Stone saw WASSMER type DFS-04 D-2, built in 2005, for H-block and building blockshorizontal and vertical saw support, height adjustable
BV 721 used stone drum / aging plant for processing paving stonesdrum length: 6.000 mm, drum diameter: 1.500 mm