RA 061 used shuttering magnet robot for pallet size 10,5 x 3,0 mfor setting the magnets for shuttering element slabs and double wall elements, double gripper for 2 pcs. magnets with rotating device, incl. plotting device on the robot head2021-07-20
RA 062 used formwork system for double walls and element slabs, make Retecincl. appr. 1.500 pcs. of magnets, incl. cover profiles (7 cm) from 250 mm to 3.000 mm, incl. magnet and formwork cleaner, incl. associated magnetic conveyor belts, shuttering conveyor belts and cross conveyor2021-07-20
RA 065 used pallet cleaner, stationarycan also be designed to be movable if required, with surface and edge profile cleaning brushes, incl. built-in oiler for 3 m pallet width with rotating nozzles with housing2021-07-20
RA 094 used lego brick shapes10 pcs. 1,60 x 0,80 x 0,60 m, 5 pcs. dividers, 20 pcs. pallets, appr. 450 pcs. anchors with holder, 5 pcs. cover plates2021-07-20
RA 130 used production lineseach 27 m long and 3,50 production width, with heating coils2021-07-20
RA 166 concrete distributor make Sommercontainer volume 3 m³, discharge by means of 8 screws, bridge construction longitudinal chassis (longitudinal crane runway not included) 2021-07-20
RA 168 used hydraulic tilting table3,50 x 16,00 m, steel covering flat and even, with heating coils2021-07-20
RA 175 garage formworkyear of construction 2014, completely hydr. adjustable, width from 2.50 to 4.00 m, length from 6.00 to 9.80 m2021-07-20
RA 228 used spiral staircase formwork make NUSPL2 pieces, 1x half left hand, 1x halb right hand, inclines up to 18, 5 incline heights possible, 3 running widths possible (100, 110 & 120 cm)2021-07-20
RA 447 used straightening cutting and stirrup bending machine, make PROGRESS MSR 16/52BK/ssingle wire diameter 8-16 mm, the machine includes 5 unwinding units2021-07-20
RA 450 automatic stirrup bending machine, make EVG Polybend PBC 2-16 Asingle wire 6 - 16 mm, double wire up to 12 mm, automatic wire change, bending angle +/- 200°2021-07-20
SB 028 used gravel washing drum make AMANNcapacity approx. 150 t/h, for gravel up to 200 mm2021-07-20
DV 749 used concrete bucket make EICHINGERcapacity 3 cbm, year of construction 2003, with fish mouth opening, incl. crane eye, dimensions lwh: 2,25 x 2,00 x 2,00 m2021-07-20
DV 803 used residual concrete recycling plant make Stetter type RA 20equipped with 2 agitators, output approx. 20 cbm/h residual concrete, incl. control2021-07-20
BV 204 palletizing system, for the automatic palletizing of rumpled paving stones and bricks, make Vorningnew price in 2005: 600.000 €2021-07-20
BV 721 aging drum for paving stones, feed hopper for whole packagesdischarge via vibrating chute, conveyor belt 5 m long and 60 cm wide, drum inclined 6 m long, 100 cm diameter and 8 mm wall thickness, the stones fall from the drum onto the conveyor belt, from there the stones fall in a BigBag 2021-07-20
DV 902 high-speed steam generator make LOOS type DF 600, incl. high pressure saturated steam boileroperating pressure 13 bar, incl. Weishaupt burner, natural gas 2-stage, incl. water softening system Grünbeck, with 500 l feed water tank Loos2021-07-20
MA 190 used concrete plant make LIEBHERR Compactmix 1.0 RIM-M, very good conditionoutput so far: 100.000 m³ concrete output, 2 pcs. of cement silos 80 to, 4 pcs. of pocket silos in a row2021-07-20
DM 401used twin-shaft mixer, make Pemat type PME 37502 cbm fixed output, components on request: cement scales, spirit levels 2021-07-20
SI 109used silo for cement, 2 piecescapacity appr. 40 to / 720 cbm, diameter 230 cm, total height 890 cm, foot spacing 210 cm2021-07-20
SI 110 used silo for cement, make Kurzcapacity 65 to / 900 cbm, diameter 300 cm, total height 1.140 cm, foot spacing 210 cm2021-07-20
SI 200 used silo plant for cement from a mixing plant 2x 100 to, 2x 50 to, each with a cement screw + silo technology2021-07-20