RA 030Vacuum turning unit for concrete elements PROBSThydr. driven forklift attachment, load capacity: 3.5 tons, for products 4000x1800x150 mm17.03.20
RA 040Trowel, 2 pcs, make: NOGGERATH G700Etechnical data: 400 V / 2.0 kW17.03.20
RA 121Hydr. tilting table, make: TECHNOPLANformwork dimensions: 8 x 4 m, steel covering very good! incl. 5 vibrators, hydraulic system, control, 20 cm high steel profiles foldable on two sides17.03.20
RA 138Vibration table, make: AVERMANNproduction area: 88 x 3 m, consisting of 11 pcs. circulating pallets, each pallet with its own heating coil system, so that it can be easily divided into 11 parts, each 8 m long, reinforced design also for walls / double walls, incl. heating register, 8 m folded, milled longitudinal formwork, 8 pcs. magnets for insertion, 500 kg adhesive force, 15 pcs. BOSCH vibrators17.03.20
RA 206Electr. 2-chamber rod formwork (twin formwork), make: HOWALlength: approx. 24 m (divisible 2 x 12 m), chamber dimensions 1 x 1.35 m, electr. movable, steel formwork Betoplan clad, cable remote control, 16 vibrators, walkway / work platform on both sides17.03.20
RA 211Hydr. 2-chamber rod formwork, (twin formwork), make: NUSPLlength: approx. 26 m (divisible 2 x 13 m), chamber size: 0.80 x 0.95 m, hydr. moveable, steel formwork Betoplan clad, incl. hydraulic unit17.03.20
RA 214Straight staircase formwork, sharp-edged version18 gradients, gradient height: 16.5 to 20 cm, step width: 26 to 30 cm, stair width adjustable 1.00 to 1.50 m17.03.20
RA 400Plasma cutting machine for flat sheets and square tubes, MULTITHERM ECO 3100CNC-controlled cutting machine for thermal cutting (oxyfuel and dry plasma) and marking of individual sheets in a robust bridge construction17.03.20
RA 435Straightening and cutting system, make: FILZMOSERwith chain magazine + laying robot, control BECHHOFF (basis S 7), wire diameters: 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm, incl. double-sided offset 45 ° + 90 °, incl. chain magazine, max. Bar length: 10 m, incl. inlay robot make: HAUSER, one axis 90 ° for pallets 12.50 x 3 m17.03.20
RA 489Autom. basket welding machine, make: MBK type MBK 06/37working area: approx. 6 x 15 m, height: approx. 5 m, number of longitudinal wires: 32 pieces, reinforcement cage diameter: approx. 650 mm to 3,900 mm, reinforcement cage length: approx. 4,000 mm17.03.20
DM 305Ring trough mixer, make: TEKA THZ LAfixed output: 1 cbm, length: 3 m, width: 2.90 m, height: 1.80 m, weight: approx.4,500 kg17.03.20
DM 309Compulsory mixer, 2 pieces, make: LIEBHERR ZE 1500/2250fixed output 1500 ltr., tiles as new, incl. cement scales, surcharge level, spirit level and control17.03.20
MA 319Concrete mixing plant, make: SICOMA, year 2006incl. 3 cement silos, 5-chamber in-line batcher of 30 cbm, double-shaft mixer SICOMA (new + unused), content: 3 cbm17.03.20
BP 512Complete plant for the production of concrete slabs - washed concrete and colored concrete, make: HENKEpressing pressure: 1000 to, 7-hole hermetic slab press HENKE Silenta, shapes: 2 x 40x40x4,2 cm, 2 x 60x60x4,2 cm, 2 x 50x50x4,2 cm, packing machine SCHINDLER17.03.20
BR 605Shape for cisterns, circular, make: PFEIFFERDN 2000 mm with 5 steel pallets and stands, for 3,700 l, 4,400 l, 6,000 l, incl. 8 pcs. vibrators, make: WACKER, control with frequency control, 1 mould and 3 cores17.03.20
BV 202Production boards, approx. 1500-1800 pcs. good condition! dimensions: 1400 x 940 x 50.3 mm, make: PERI PAVE, with finnish plywood, on both sides with special coating, the stacks are stored with 24 pieces / stack17.03.20
VE 065Low loader boxes for the transport of precast concrete parts / wallsdimensions per box: L: 6,150 mm, W: 2,400 mm, H: 2,050 mm17.03.20
VE 206Heavy-duty trailer, new, make: WMTload capacity: 35 to, length 7,000 x 2,500 mm, height 600 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire: dimensions: 8 pcs. 450 x 300 mm, small turning circle, double steering knuckle17.03.20