RA 119used filigree ceiling system consisting of 2 ceiling strips of 60 m eachproduction width 2.50 m, incl. plotter, incl. finisher, including transverse stopper,
RA 201used Sectional formwork made by Technoplanlength = 26.50 m, max. chamber dimensions = 1.65 m x 1.80 m, steel formwork, incl. vibrating system (vibrator, converter) Formwork can be moved hydraulically
RA 223used VARIOTOP stair mold type 18/150, for the overhead production of long-running prefabricated stairs type 18/150max. 18 steps, step body can be hydraulically tilted, maximum nominal width of the steps is 1.50 m, adjustable gradient range is 150-200 mm , Tread range 250-310 mm
RA 2244 used ALPHAFLEX stair molds for the overhead production of spiral flights of stairsproduction options: Spiral flights of stairs up to a width of 1.20 m in almost any geometry
RA 225used DELTA formwork ramp type 15/300 for the production of prefabricated stairseach max corresponds to a maximum soffit length of 5.50 m
RA 412used Peddinghaus multi-bar cutting machines type METAX C with 16 m storage length, performance data: 36 mm 1 bar, 6 mm 15 bars
RA 490used pipe cage welding machine VTA 360s round and oval M23488, manufacturer: PROGRESSfor the production of reinforcement cages of concrete pipes with a diameter of 350-3600 mm in round and oval shape, number of line wires: max. 24, line wire diameter: 6-10 mm, automatic winding wire shears
SB 010used semi-mobile asphalt processing plant, make SBM, feed material: asphaltfeed size: 0.800 mm, feed quantity: up to max. 130 t/h, bulk density: 1.7 t/cbm with grain size 0/32 mm, end product container: 0/ 11 and 11/32 mm, consisting of: 1) Semi-mobile crushing plant with impact crusher 12/13/4 RHSM, 2) Overbelt magnet, 3) Semi-mobile screening plant with KQ 15/40-2 screen, 4) Semi-mobile crushing plant with V8 vertical crusher, 5) Screening plant with screen KQ 15/40-2
SB 149used gravel crusher Metso Nordberg Lokotrackcrusher opening length: 1.04 m, crusher opening width: 0.65 m, drive power: 274 hp, hopper volume: 5 cbm
SI 075New silo filter (polypleat filter) make WAM SILOTOP for all common cement siloshousing diameter: 800 mm, filter area: 14 sqm, filter elements: 4 polypleat elements, 2 solenoid valves, compressed air consumption: 1.8 cbm/h
SI 090used silo control consisting of: 1. Power unit for overfill protection, 2. SC-TOUCH control unit for overfill protection controls up to 32 individual silosall connected silos can be filled at the same time, in the event of a fault, the affected silo is displayed with the type of fault
MA 100used dosing, mixing and pouring machine for the production of polymer concrete elements, BJ. 2018for the production of polymer concrete elements based on dry mineral fillers for particle size range 0.01-8.0 mm, mixed with a PU resin system, discharge capacity at least 40 kg , max. 80 kg/min,
DV 903used high-speed steam generator DK 2443, manufacturer: CERTUSSoutput: 1,000 kg/h, heat output max: 728 kW
BV 2003700 pieces of used azobé hardwood production boardsdimensions: 1500 x 1100 x 55 mm, year of construction: 2017, the condition is very good. The patinas are ready for production
VE 050used extraction system/compact filter system, make Kuperincl. wood chip container with 34 cbm capacity, system was used for 4 stations such as band saw, sliding table saw.