BR 601Vertex testing system for pipesmake: SCHLOSSER 1.2 to 40 tons03.02.2019
BR 602Concrete pipe testing presse.g. for peak printing or e.g. manhole cover, according to DIN EN 124 up to 40 kW, SCHLOSSER, Bj. 2008, power: 40 to03.02.2019
BR 603Mobile labeling system for pipes and manholescharacter height up to 140 mm, built in 2008, very little used! control unit (230 V), incl. electricity supply03.02.2019
BR 606Vacuum lifter for tubing, make: DEVO-TECHload capacity: 16 to, year 200803.02.2019
BR 607Single formwork / reinforced concrete tube formworkhardened for production in the formwork, for DN 400 / DN 600 / DN 800 / DN 1000 / DN 1200, respectively length 3 m, different wall thicknesses, upper and lower joints for sewer pipes with internal sleeve, as well as jacking sleeves03.02.2019
BR 608Forward-drive pipe formwork2 pieces, 1 x diameter 1000/1260 mm, wall thickness 130 mm, length 3500 mm, 1 x diameter 1800/2320 mm, wall thickness 260 mm, length 3500 mm03.02.2019
BR 609Plant with individual molds for shaft rings 2000 T 2 and cones 2000 T 2 vibrators and convertersrotary spindle for concrete distribution03.02.2019
BR 611Manhole pavers, brand: COLLE Vibromatic 60/250circulation procedures, Incl. forms for manholes diam. 600 - 2500, height 500 - 1000 , 3 - chamber 03.02.2019
BR 617Stationary manhole base paver, NIEMEYER SGF 40autom. production of manhole bases in turning process, house connection manholes, incl. moulds03.02.2019
BR 622Manhole machine, BAUMGÄRTNER AtlanticNW 1000 - 1200 mm possible, including shaft ring shapes according to DIN 4034 part 1-2: DN 1000/250, DN 1000/500, DN 1000/750, DN 1000/1000, incl. bottom joints, incl. maxi cones03.02.2019
BR 626Flexible manufacturing system, make: PRINZING ATLAS 300/300for sewage, pipes, tanks, rectangular shafts, manhole bases .... diameters 150 - 3500 mm03.02.2019
BR 631Manhole production plant COLLE "Vibromatic 100/150 H150"production area: DN 1000 to DN 1500 max. overall height: 1500 mm, transport vehicle, base ring run fully automatic. Manipulator, forms DN 1000 manhole rings and cones03.02.2019
BR 636Concrete pipe machine, make: PFEIFFER Variantwith central vibrator, control, concrete loading, top squeeze press, for max. overall length 3000 mm, max. outer diameter: 1840 mm, central vibrator DN600, DN 800-1500, 03.02.2019
BR 637Concrete pipe machine PFEIFFER Variantwith central vibrator, control, concrete loading, top squeeze press, for max. overall length 3500 mm03.02.2019