BR 599Manhole ring grab PROBSTmanhole rings DN 800, 1000, 1500 with 9 cm wall thickness and manhole rings DN 1000 and 1200 with 12 cm wall thickness20.10.2020
BR 600Compaction and charging unit for the production of concrete partse.g. frames, monolithic containers, etc. with a max. weight of 26 tons, vibrating table 3000 x 2500 mm, make: COLLE, lifting capacity 26 to, concrete feeder 6000 x 800, COLLE20.10.2020
BR 605Mould for cisterns, circular, make: PFEIFFERDN 2000 mm with 5 steel pallets and stands, for 3,700 l, 4,400 l, 6,000 l, incl. 8 pcs. vibrator make: WACKER, control with frequency control, 1 mould and 3 cores20.10.2020
BR 630Manhole ring production for shafts and three-chamber rings DN 2500year 2006, incl. base sockets, coats and cores Special price !!!20.10.2020
BV 204Palletizing systemfor the automatic palletizing of rumpled paving stones and bricks, make VORNING, new price in 2005: 600,000 €20.10.2020
BV 622Complete manufacturing facility for the production of manhole rings, make: SOMMERmax. nominal width 2500 mm, max. construction height 1000 mm, with loading system for substructure on mixer, transfer hopper, conveyor belt, swivel arm in an extremely stable design, vibrator control, molds for manhole rings DN 1500 mm, DN 2000 mm, DN 2500 mm, pit cover20.10.2020
BR 631Shaft type production line, COLLE "Vibromatic 100/150 H150"production range DN 1000 to DN 1500, max. height: 1500 mm, delivery carriage, base sleeve circulation REKERS, fully automatic manipulator REKERS ...20.10.2020
BR 650Complete pipe production, make: COLLEyear 2010, little used! consisting of: concrete mixing plant ORU, pipe machine COLLE type VIBROMATIK, for lengths up to 2.50 m, including molds DN 400 to DN 1200, pipe and box extractor machine COLLE type VIBROTUBI, for pipes DN 350 to DN 1600 and box exhaust ducts, basket welding machine etc.520.10.2020