DM 150Emulsion mixer, make: Müller Rapid Mini 2-GLfor emulsions - for wall mounting, reservoir in 2 chambers, float valve, float switch, 2 centrifugal pumps, mixing unit20.10.2020
DM 210Face concrete mixer, make: EUROSTAR / SCHLOSSER-PFEIFFERconcrete output: 500 ltr., Lining with armor plates, planetary mixer20.10.2020
DM 215Compulsory mixer for facing concrete, make: LIEBHERR ZE 500/750concrete output 500 ltr., incl. hydr. powered swirler20.10.2020
DM 305Ring trough mixer, make: TEKA THZ LAfixed output: 1 cbm, length: 3 m, width: 2.90 m, height: 1.80 m, weight: approx.4,500 kg20.10.2020
DM 309Compulsory mixer, 2 pcs, LIEBHERR ZE 1500/2250fixed output 1500 ltr., tiles as new, incl. cement scales, surcharge level, spirit level and control20.10.2020
DM 310Planetary mixer, make: SCHLOSSER / PFEIFFER type SM 15001 cbm fixed output, complete ceramic lining, overhauled - top condition!20.10.2020
DM 314Planet mixer CONCRETELLE 1125/750elevator, cement scale, water scale20.10.2020
DV 100Test stand for shear tests on concrete bodiestest frame as a closed frame construction, incl. mounting points for 2 pcs hydr. cylinder with a pressing force of 1000 tons each, roller table, installation space for holding concrete test bodies 300x300x300 mm, interchangeable inserts and pressure pieces for test blocks 200x200x200 mm, incl. hydraulic unit20.10.2020
DV 510Bagging system for lime, cement, plaster, Rotopacker make: HAVER BÖCKER for 25 kg bags control system Siemens S7 control weigher BÖCKELS and bag cleaner20.10.2020
DV 607New cement pipe screw conveyor with mounting kit, make WAM, capacity: 72 cbm/h pipe diameter: 273 mm, length ME-MA: 9200 mm20.10.2020
DV 613Cement pipe conveyor screw, make: WAMcapacity: 72 cbm / h, pipe diameter: 273 mm, length: 13500, slope: 45°20.10.2020
DV 750Concreting bucket / crane concreting bucket, make: EICHINGERcapacity: 375 l, can be opened manually by handwheel20.10.2020
DV 751Concreting bucket / crane concreting bucket, make: EICHINGERbuilt in 2019, capacity: 1000 l, can be opened manually by handwheel20.10.2020
DV 786Bucket conveyor system, make: Kübat RD 30control, friction wheel, tilting bucket 1 cbm, pilot silo 2500 l, monorail system 60 m, 3 stations20.10.2020
DV 800Concrete recycling screw WAM Consep 5000 S20 cbm/h, with induction funnel 1200 x 730 mm, with triangular attachment made of Sint plastic, length: approx. 5000 mm, capacity: max. 20 cbm / h20.10.2020
DV 901Steam heating LOOS, 200 kW, natural gas burner WEISSHAUPT WG300 kW20.10.2020