DM 207Concrete mixer, make: TEKA THZ 750ready mixed output: 500 ltrs, gear and motor used only 3 years, incl. elevator, cement weighing 280 kg03.02.2019
DM 208Compulsory mixer, make: ELBA500/750 ltr. , 500 ltr. fixed output, drive 22 KW03.02.2019
DM 209Planetary mixer, make: ZYKLOS ZK 250 HEAnet capacity: 250 l, filling depending on the material to be mixed max. 365 ltr. (400 kg), incl. feeder03.02.2019
DM 210Face concrete mixer, make: TEKA THZ 750concrete discharge: 500 ltr, lining with armor plates, hydr. driven swirly03.02.2019
DM 211high-performance compulsory mixerincl. hydr. swirly, brand: TEKA THZ 750 fixed output 500 ltr., complete in 2007, reconditioned03.02.2019
DM 215 Compulsory mixer for facing concrete, make: LIEBHERR ZE 500/750 concrete output 500 ltr., Incl. Hydr. powered swirler03.02.2019
DM 220High capacity compulsory mixer, make: PEMAT PM 40/1125fixed output: 800 ltr., power: 30 kW, incl. elevator, cement balance and spirit level03.02.2019
DM 305Concrete mixer, make: ZYKLOS ZB 1500/1000fixed output: 1000 ltr., incl. cement scale, incl. control Mobicon03.02.2019
DM 308Pan mixer, make: LIEBHERR type ZE 1000/15001 cbm fixed output, with steam injection and two outlets03.02.2019
DM 310Planetary mixer, make: SCHLOSSER / PFEIFFER type SM 15001 cbm fixed output, complete ceramic lining, overhauled - top condition!03.02.2019
DM 314Planet mixer CONCRETELLE 1125/750elevator, cement scale, water scale03.02.2019
DM 405Concrete mixer, brand: KNIELE ZE 2000/3000hard emissions in 2000 ltr., 2 evacuations, cement scale, additive scale, water balance, control DORNER03.02.2019
DM 407High-capacity ring trough mixer, make TEKA THZ 3000in Sept. 2007 gearbox, rotor, towed arms and cardan shaft new, professionally upgraded at the end of 2009 and stored in a hall, capacity: 3000 kg, fixed output: 2000 kg03.02.2019
DV 083Steam heating in the container, make: GEKA Wärmetechnik type L 52year 92 was only used in two winters, steam heating 1100 kg / h, 10 bar operating overpressure, fuel oil burner WEISHAUPT, oil flow 25-100 kg / h, control03.02.2019
DV 155Weighing belts, movable, make: ELMAS Electros1 x center distance 8 m, 1 x center distance 6 m03.02.2019
DV 450Steel fiber dosing system, make: INCITE AB type SF500S-FSKthe plant was purchased new, built in the factory and was briefly in operation - therefore as good as new! capacity: up to 2000 kg fibers per filling03.02.2019
DV 600Cement screws, 4 pcs., make: DOUBRAVA2 pcs. cement screws length 3,500 mm, 2 pcs. cement screws Length 4,000 mm, diam. 215 mm03.02.2019
DV 607Sand tube conveyor screwdiameter 168 mm, length: ME-MA: 9.500 mm, incl. big-box filling03.02.2019
DV 610Screw conveyor, capacity. 26 cbm / hlength 8000 mm, lead 0-45 °, 7.5 kW03.02.2019
DV 617Cement screw conveyor, new!capacity: 72 cbm / h, length 12.200 mm03.02.2019
DV 750Concrete bucket, VÖGLIyear 2014, cap. 1000 l, hose outlet, 1 m hose (diameter 250 mm), bucket: diameter 110 cm, height: 185 cm, weight: 260 kg03.02.2019
DV 751Concrete bucket2 cbm, controllable with screw, 380 V power supply required03.02.2019
DV 752Concrete bucket, make: EICHINGER750 ltr.03.02.2019
DV 782Tilt bucket for bucket elevator, make: WMWwith tipping bucket 3500 ltr./ 2,5 cbm, weight: 2200 kg, for 2-rail bucket elevator from IPE 400 vehicles03.02.2019
DV 783Conveyor for concrete transport, DUDIK2 pcs. Bucket, volume approx. 1 cbm, riving rails approx. 115 m, electr. Switches03.02.2019
DV 786Bucket conveyor system, make: Kübat RD 30control, friction wheel, tilting bucket 2 cbm, pilot silo 2500 l, monorail system 60 m, 3 stations03.02.2019
DV 800Concrete recycling screw WAM Consep 5000 S20 cbm/h, with induction funnel 1200 x 730 mm, with triangular attachment made of Sint plastic, length: approx. 5000 mm, capacity: max. 20 cbm / h03.02.2019