RA 401Metal band saw KASTOfor the preparation of built-in parts, bar materials etc.17.03.20
RA 402Sheet metal shears, make: TRONZADORAS MGyear 2016, max. cutting thickness: 10 mm, max. cutting width: 3000 mm, cutting angle: <2.5 degrees17.03.20
RA 404Mat guillotine, make: RUBO 2550passage width: 2.55 m17.03.20
RA 408Mat bending machinepassage width: 5 m, for Q 636 mats17.03.20
RA 419Stirrup bending-straightening-cutting machine, make: MEP Syntax 4.2-18single wire: 14-16 mm, double wire: 8-12 mm, with straightening 11.50 m,standard bending tool: D 40 to D 12017.03.20
RA 420Double bending machine, make: MEP OMES CS 40 SXfor diameters 6 - 40 mm, 2 x bending rollers D 94, D 110, D 147, D 250, the machine works rod, one bendingstation is fixed, the second station is movable, especially suitable for large bendingforms, the bending cycle is fully automatic17.03.20
RA 427Straightening and cutting machine, make: EVG Polycut PCN16in 2017 overhauled, 4 wire outlets (reels) braked, power: diameter up to 16 mm, length of collecting table: 12 m17.03.20
RA 428Straightening / cutting system, collection trolley, cramping function KT-BAUSTAHLfor 6-14 mm, 5 reels, 8 m outlet, control Siemens S17.03.20
RA 430Wire straightening and cutting machine SKAKOwith crimping function, max. cutting length: 8,13 m, diameter 6 - 14 mm, incl. laying magazine FILZMOSER17.03.20
RA 433Rolls straightening and cutting machine, make: FILZMOSER RA 100/5incl. double bending device, incl. 5 reels, wire diameter: 6 - 14 mm, spout: 10 m,automatic diameter change17.03.20
RA 435Straightening and cutting system, make: EVGincl. cranking function, performance: up to 14 mm, incl. 2 x chain magazine, installation robot17.03.20
RA 438Bar cutting machine, make BVM HBSA 2.6working length: 14 m, capacity: 6 mm 6 bars, 14 mm 4 bars, 32 mm 1 bar17.03.20
RA 455Stirrup bending machine, make SCHNELL Barwiser 20 T.A.output: 6 - 20 mm, inlet: 12 m, outlet: 12 m, incl. bending tool, 28 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm + 100 mm17.03.20
RA 496Mat welding machine CSG type GA 400/2500for mats max. 2.50 x 6.00 m, wire QD: 4-8 mm, wire LD: 4-14 mm, max. longitudinal length of wire 3500 mm (withtilting rails), 6000 mm (without tilting rails), SPS control SIEMENS S 717.03.20
RA 497Mat welding machine IDEAL, GAO 612for mats 2.50 x 3.00 m, for cross spot welding of wire mesh, grid width simple use: max. 1200 mm, for double use 2 * 550 mm, grid length: normal 750 to 3000 mm, by grasping > 3000 mm17.03.20