RA 405 used mat bending machine make Hambi, type KSE 602 V (reinforced) passage width: 6.00 m, max. performance: bar diameter: 11 mm
RA 430 used rotor straightening cutting system make EVG/FIL RA-XE 14/55 roller rotor devices with electric drive, wire quick-change device, 5 pcs. electric driven wire decoiler, wire run-out track for max. bar length 10 m
RA 431 Wire straightening and cutting machine, with crank function, make: PROGRESS MSR 16 / 4-2BKwire thickness: 8 - 14 mm, 2 pcs. bending heads, with discharge runway 14 m
RA 447 used straightening cutting and stirrup bending machine, make PROGRESS MSR 16/52BK/ssingle wire diameter 8-16 mm, incl. automatic wire change, straightening table length 12 m
RA 450 used Automatic stirrup bender make EVG Polybend PBC 2-16single wire: 6-16 mm, double wire: 6-12 mm, bending angle: +/-200°, pre-programming of up to 600 standard stirrup shapes 5 pieces. Bending heads, 1 pc. threading aid
RA 451 used stirrup bending machine make MEP type MulitMaticfor processing 8,10,12,14,16 mm single wire with automatic. Wire change and 5 coils
RA 486 used welding machine make Züblinfor reinforcement cages for pipes with sockets, reinforcement cages for pipes with spigot ends, reinforcement cages for pipes with bell and spigot ends
RA 487 used lattice girder welding machine, make Filzmoser type GH 300 vlattice girder height adjustable between 70 - 300 mm, adjustable lift (feed) between 190 - 210 mm, top belt wire 5 - 14 mm, base width 58+ mm