RA 400Table grinder: Thick plane, make: BÄUERLE DM 41dressing machine FROMM, pendulum saw make: FETZER03.02.2019
RA 401Metal band saw, make: KASTO Functionalfor the preparation of built-in parts, bar materials etc.03.02.2019
RA 402Round steel bending machine, make: SCHNELL ring machine CR32 diameter: 6 – 32 mm, min. Curve radius 150 mm03.02.2019
RA 403Milling and drilling machine, make: DECKELspindle block movement automatic / by hand: 290/300 mm, movement of the spindle sleeve by hand: 100 mm, support longitudinal movement automatic / by hand: 790/800 mm03.02.2019
RA 410Mat bending machine, AWM Autobend MPR-SP-AA-ESAfully automatic, for quadrangular baskets, min. 140 x 170 mm, max. 180 x 220 mm, max. length: 6 m, min. mat length / basket length 0.8 m, max. mat width: 3.50 m, min. matwidth: 0.5 m03.02.2019
RA 412Multi bar cutting machine, make: SCHNELL BATincl. 2 pcs. roller conveyors á 14 m, max. diameter: up to approx. 32 mm03.02.2019
RA 418Double bending machine, working from the bar, PEDAX Permatic M 14 year 2000, 1 bending machine stationary, 1 bending machine movable for large bending forms, automatic ejection by pneum. poor03.02.2019
RA 422Transversal wire with spacer clip-on device, 2-fold, new! FILZMOSER(for RA-XE 12/4)03.02.2019
RA 426Straightening and cutting machine, make: WAFIOS Type R 21diameter., 1,2-3,2 mm: up to 800 N / mm²: 1.0-4.0 mm, up to 1200 N / mm² with average trip 80-4000 mm, with fixed stop: from 20 mm03.02.2019
RA 427Straightening and bending machine with 2 bending heads, make: SCHNELL Eura 16/12 Bridge EVOyear 2011, double wire diam. 6-12 mm, single wire diam. 6-16 mm, 8 coils, braked, wire spout: 12 m, collection trolley, fully automatic wire change03.02.2019
RA 430Wire straightening and cutting machine SKAKOwith crimping function, max. cutting length: 8,13 m, diameter 6 - 14 mm, incl. laying magazine FILZMOSER03.02.2019
RA 433Rotor straightening-cutting and bending machine with chain magazine FILZMOSER / EVG6 - 14 mm spout, max. 10 m length, incl. bend wagons, inside outside, for bending molds 1-5, discharge cap and chain magazine, graduation 10003.02.2019
RA 488Basket welding machine for the production of square reinforcements for pile and concrete piles, make: MBKbasket length: 3,000 - 16,000 mm, flank length basket: 120 x 120 mm - 400 x 400 mm, accessories: longitudinal wire insert for short line wire projection, feeding of 4 extra wires possible03.02.2019
RA 489Mesh welding machine incl. Scissors SCHLATTER PG12wire diameter 1,5 – 8,5 mm, working width 1200 mm03.02.2019
RA 493Mesh welding machine for strip mats, make: MBKmat width 150-650 mm / 6LD, mat length 250-6000 mm, wire: 5-8 mm03.02.2019
RA 494Welding wire mesh welding machinewelding width / mat width: 2400/3050 mm, number of transformers/electrodes: 12/48, cross wire diameter 5-10 mm, longitudinal wire diameter: 5-10 mm, center length: 2500 - 8100 mm03.02.2019