RA 400Plasma cutting machine for flat sheets and square tubes, MULTITHERM ECO 3100CNC-controlled cutting machine for thermal cutting (oxyfuel and dry plasma) and marking of individual sheets in a robust bridge construction20.10.2020
RA 401Metal band saw KASTOfor the preparation of built-in parts, bar materials etc.20.10.2020
RA 402Sheet metal shears, make: TRONZADORAS MGyear 2016, max. cutting thickness: 10 mm, max. cutting width: 3000 mm, cutting angle: <2.5 degrees20.10.2020
RA 404Mat guillotine, make: RUBO 2550passage width: 2.55 m20.10.2020
RA 407Mat bending machine HAMBI KSE 602 Vpath width 6 m, 12 mm single bar20.10.2020
RA 408Mat bending machinepassage width: 5 m, for Q 636 mats20.10.2020
RA 409Mat cutting machine, make: HAMBI TV 60 Vreinforced version, year 2008, working width: 6 m, max. capacity: 12 mm single wire x 150 mm wire distance, 8 mm double wire x 100 mm wire distance, incl. cutting unit free wheel, incl. Automatic switching for cutting unit20.10.2020
RA 427Straightening cutting system EVG Polycut PCN16completely overhauled in 2017, 4 wire outlets (reels) braked, performance: diameter up to 16 mm, catch table length: 12 m20.10.2020
RA 428Straightening / cutting system, collection trolley, cramping function KT-BAUSTAHLfor 6-14 mm, 5 reels, 8 m outlet, control Siemens S20.10.2020
RA 430Wire straightening and cutting machine SKAKOwith crimping function, max. cutting length: 8,13 m, diameter 6 - 14 mm, incl. laying magazine FILZMOSER20.10.2020
RA 431Wire straightening and cutting machine, with crank function, make: PROGRESS MSR 16 / 4-2BKwire thickness: 8 - 14 mm, 2 pcs. bending heads, with discharge runway 14 m, control BECKHOFF (new in 2012)20.10.2020
RA 433Rolls straightening and cutting machine, make: FILZMOSER RA 100/5incl. double bending device, incl. 5 reels, wire diameter: 6 - 14 mm, spout: 10 m, automatic diameter change20.10.2020
RA 450Automatic stirrup bending machine, make EVG Polybend PBN-16-Ccomputer and screen replaced in 2011, wire diameter: 6 - 16 mm, catalog of stirrup bending forms saved in the computer, incl. 2 pcs wire reels, 4 pcs. bending mandrels20.10.2020
RA 455Stirrup bending machine SCHNELL Barwiser 20 T.A.output: 6 - 20 mm, inlet: 12 m, outlet: 12 m, incl. bending tool, 28 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm + 100 mm20.10.2020
RA 489Autom. basket welding machine, make: MBK type MBK 06/37working area: approx. 6 x 15 m, height: approx. 5 m, number of longitudinal wires: 32 pcs reinforcement cage diameter: approx. 650 mm to 3,900 mm, reinforcement cage length: approx. 4,000 mm20.10.2020
RA 496Mesh welding system, make: CSG type GA 400/2500year 2013! very well maintained, for mats max. 2.50 x 6.00 m, wire QD: 4-8 mm, wire LD: 4-14 mm, max. Line wire length 3500 mm (with tilting rails), 6000 mm (without tilting rails), PLC control SIEMENS S 7 30020.10.2020
RA 497Mat welding machine IDEAL, GAO 612for mats 2.50 x 3.00 m, for cross spot welding of wire mesh, grid width simple use: max. 1200 mm, for double use 2 * 550 mm, grid length: normal 750 to 3000 mm, by grasping > 3000 mm20.10.2020
RA 499Burning system, make: PEDDINGHAUS FDB 600for burning flat iron (plates up to 600 mm, 50 mm high), including drilling function, internal air cooling of the drilling spindles (suitable for HSS cooling duct drills with MK holder), CNC control SIEMENS Sinumerik 81020.10.2020