SI 060New complete silo technology, make WAM SILOTOPpressure balance valve, polypleat filter, level indicator, electronic pressure detector, pinch valve, control17.03.20
SI 075Silo filter, make: WAM, new!housing diameter: 800 mm, filter area: 14 square meters, 2 solenoid valves, compressed air consumption: 1.8 cbm / h17.03.20
SI 091Pneumatic conveyor system for cement, unused! make: KURZ type KKS 2000/100delivery rate: 20 to / h, bulk density: 1.1-1.4 t / cbm, width: 3.50 m, filling height from foundation: 5.70 m, 20 dosing locks, weigh17.03.20
SI 102New 5-chamber row silo incl. winter housing43 cbm each chamber, filling belt AA 17.8 m, GB 1.000 mm17.03.20
SI 104Linear bins, 6 chambers á 30 cbmincl. weighing cells conveyor, belt width: 1.000 mm, funnel width: 3 m17.03.20
SI 150Cement silocapacity: 38 cbm, diameter: 2,400 mm, total height: 15,885 mm17.03.20
SI 165Cement silos, 3 pcs.content: 64 cbm / 77 to each, total height: approx. 13,820 mm, screwable substructure: height 6,600 mm, diameter: approx. 2,900 mm, one silo filter per silo with overfill protection and control17.03.20
SI 210Cement silo, unused! make: KURZcontent: 164 cbm / approx. 200 tons, diameter 3,500 mm, cylinder height 17,410 mm, total height: 24,700 mm, column center distance: 2,470 x 2,470 mm, silo aromatic, cast steel bend17.03.20
SI 301Gravel-/sand-Silos, 4 pcs. á approx 130 tons, brand : KURZapprox 130 tons17.03.20
SI 302Sand-gravel silos (aggregate silos), 5 pcs., make: KURZcompletely screwed, standing in row (37 m), height with roof: 16 m17.03.20
SI 303Sand and gravel silos, 3 pcs, each 450 tonsincl. discharge belt per silo, total height: 1862 mm, silo diameter: 7500 mm, foot distances: 5,303 mm17.03.20
SI 304Complete silo plant for aggregates and binders, feed belts, dosing belts, binder screws, aggregate silos make: KURZcpl. screwed, 3 pcs. 2-chamber silos, approx. 70 cbm / chamber, 2 pcs. 1-chamber silos, approx. 140 cbm per silo, binder silos, 3 silos á 64 cbm, 1 silo 38 cbm17.03.20