SI 075 Silo filter, make: WAM, newhousing diameter: 800 mm, filter area: 14 square meters, 2 solenoid valves, compressed air consumption: 1.8 cbm / h
SI 097used concrete buckets with person intake1x 1.500 liters, 3x 1.000 liters, 6x 750 liters (10 pieces)
SI 102New 5-chamber row silo incl. winter housing43 cbm each chamber, filling width: 3.50 m, filling height from foundation: 5.70 m, 20 dosing locks, weigh belt AA 17.8 m, GB 1.000 mm
SI 107 used concrete silo, make Stone, for forklift attachment with hydraulicscontent 0,75 cbm, screw discharge
SI 120 used cement silo, capacity 37 m³, KURZ sheet steel silo in factory-welded designbulk material: cement, bulk density: 1,2 to/m³, no snow loads - therefore installation in buiding
SI 303used 2-chamber silo system, make Tepe-Mix1 piece silo positioner as a trailer, 40 pieces 2-chamber silos, 2 pieces gravel/sand bunkers, 1 piece loading system, 1 piece truck scale 40 to