RA 010 used stationary rotor pump, make Putzmeister year of construction 2018, e.g. for filling formwork in a precast plant, stationary rotor pump, delivery rate max. theoretical: 40cmb/h
RA 012 used forklift gripper/loading tongs for slabs up to a width of 2,50 m and 15.000 kg load capacity
RA 014 used Production laser for double wallsmake Z-Laser Germany Optoelelektronik, model LP-HFD - 10-532-S 80
RA 031 used balancing beam NUSPL, to hang on a craneload capacity 20,4 tons, dimensions of the truss: width 2.650 mm, length 7.195 mm
RA 120 13 used formwork tables for the production of filigree slabsManufacturing width: 2,20 m, manufacturing length: 6,00 m, the formwork tables are with forklift straps and feet – for stacking the tables
RA 122 6 used switching tables/vibrating tables, 3 switching tablesFormwork dimensions: 4.60 x 6.50 m, 1 formwork table; Formwork dimensions: 4.60 x 7.00 m, 1 formwork table; Formwork dimensions: 3.80 x 5.00 m, 1 formwork table; Formwork dimensions: 3.80 x 6.34 m
RA 125 used formwork tables,make Avermann, 67 pieces2,40 x 10,50 m, for solid ceilings, weight each 4300 kg, maximum occupancy approx 15 tons per switching table
RA 126 used hydraulic Tilting table make Avermanndimensions: 13.50 x 4.25 m, incl. 4 hydraulic cylinders, 11 vibrators, hydraulic unit and contro
RA 179 3 used Lift shaft formwork make NINVE, only 2 years in usefor the production of lift box elements for the vertical floor connection, 1st lift shaft formwork H 3,200 with radio control 1,600 x 1,750 wall thickness 100 and 120, 2nd lift shaft formwork H 3,200, 1,600 x 1,800 wall thickness 100 and 120, 3rd lift shaft formwork H 3,200, 1,600 x 1,950 wall thickness 100 and 120
RA 180 2 used TT formwork, total length 32.5 m eachformwork is always 3.30 m wide (outermost dimension) and 95 cm high, formwork consists of: 1 element with a length of 13.50 m, 1 element with a length of 11.00 m, 4 elements with a length of 10.50 m, 2 elements with a length of 8.0 m, dimensions of the formwork: height: 0.95 m, web height: 2.68 m, inner core: 1.55 m, left and right mirror: 0.53 m
RA 182 2 used Battery formwork with 9 compartments eachcompartment size 8.00 x 2.75 m, for wall thicknesses: 12/18/20 m including steaming, including remote control for the chain-driven cutting system to open/close
RA 185 Used bar formwork, length 8 m, steel formwork, wood panelingmax. chamber dimensions: W = 2.80 m, H = 2.0 m
RA 190 used bar formwork, make Technoplan, twin formworkeach chamber 16 m long, max. mold size: 1,0 m wide, 1,2 m height
RA 198 used Column formwork with foundation footlength: 23.50 m, width: max. 0.95 m, height: max. 1.00 m (there are formwork parts available to convert a column to 1.65 m)
RA 211 used Ceiling membrane for PI ceilings and trough plates for prestressed elementslength: 54 m, variable width adjustable, TT ceiling: min. width 1.40 m, max. width 3.35 m Trough ceiling: min. width 1.40 m, max .Width 2.40 m
RA 213 used Formwork / formwork level for stair formwork make Nusplwith platform attachment at the top and bottom L max 2.60 m, W max 2.60 m, length of the stairs / bottom view 3.40 m Formwork is electrically adjustable in the angle of inclination
RA 214 used straight stair formwork, sharp-edged version18 inclines (adjustable), gradient heights 16,5 to 20 cm, tread width 26 cm fix
RA 220 used Stair formwork make Howal Varioplus type 18/125sharp-edged version, hydr.adjustable, including hydraulic unit
RA 222 used Stair formwork / DELTA formwork ramp, make HOWALfor straight stairs, up to approx. 2.26 m width and 18 gradients, max. platform length: 2.00 m
RA 350 used production for wall elements made of flat clayconsisting of: 4x hydraulic tilting tables, vibrating roller, lightweight concrete spreader make Fibo, heavy concrete spreader make Fibo
RA 354 used pallet circulation system for filigree ceilings, make Avermannconsisting of: concrete distributor with a volume of 1,5 cbm, vibration station, 15 production pallets with a working width of 15,50 x 2,24 m
RA 355 Complete production for the production of pig slatted floors incl. 15 pcs. Mouldsbuilt in 2008, vibrating table, bunker 1.5 cbm, monorail 26 m long, trolley, mould carrier with turning device, etc.
RA 367 used Wall production SWA, for basement and building construction and pool productionconsisting of: 3 formwork each 24 m long, height 2.49 m, 1 formwork 18 m long, variable in height from 1.50 - 2.49 m (pool construction)
RA 377 used Ceiling circulation system, NUSPL/oscillating hammer, capacity approx. 800 m2/daysteel pallets 2.4 x 13.5 m, 42 pieces, compl. Steel processing, spacer attachment device, lattice girder processing, steel robot, MRP plotter, concrete spreader, Weckenmann, SKAKO vibrating station, hardening chamber
RA 379 used Double circulation system for ceilings + wall production, make Skakowith 54 steel pallets 2.50 x 14 m for filigree ceilings and 26 steel pallets 3 x 9 m for double walls complete. Circuits with lattice girder shears, high-bay warehouse, control
RA 396 used mat gripper / tongs, make Nordgreif-Rindtload capacity 5.600 kg, for crane operation, gripping distance 2.150 mm
RA 398 used battery formwork for u-shafts / stairwells3 different cross-sections