RA 030Vacuum turning unit for concrete elements, make: PROBSThydr. Driven, truck mounted implement, carrying capacity: 3500 kg, for product measures 4000 x 1800 x 150 m17.03.20
RA 104Formwork pallets, 5 pcs., make: NUSPLlength: 13.50 m, production width: 2.50 m, formwork height: 70 mm17.03.20
RA 138Vibrating runproduction area: 88 x 3 m, including heating register, 15 vibrators, 8 pcs. holding magnets, reinforced design also for walls / double walls17.03.20
RA 135 + RA 138 together result in a small series production for double walls17.03.20
RA 137Production line, make: AVERMANN, built in 2011 production dimension: 20 x 3.50 m, incl. thermal oil heating register, incl. height-adjustable edge formwork system 100-350 mm17.03.20
RA 140Filigree slab1. ceiling panel: 33.40 x 2.98 m, 2nd ceiling panel, 20.80 x 2.50 m, 3rd ceiling panel: 29.30 x 2.50 m17.03.20
RA 158Concrete distributor, make AVERMANNworking width: 2,480 mm, bucket length 1,600 mm, bucket width 2,500 mm, bucket volume 3 cbm17.03.20
RA 159concrete distributor , brand: SCHWINGHAMMER Type III capacity: 6 cbm, track gauge 4,000 mm, concreting of precast concrete with a width of 2500 up to 3700 mm 2 and with concrete save17.03.20
RA 166Plotter, make: EBAWE, year 2013very good, like new condition, was in production for double walls and ceiling tiles, max. driveway: 12.975 x 3.813 m17.03.20
RA 181New battery mold, closedmobile base frame, chamber opening hydr.-mech. up to 1500 mm, upper and lower hydr.-mech. tensioning, lateral de-shoring of the elements, self-peeling end walls, floor insulation with own chassis, therefore cover up to 400 mm and production of insulating walls possible17.03.20
RA 185Battery mould, year 2016, very good condition! shutter surface: 6.00 x 2.40 m, 7 concreting chambers, 6 bulkheads, suspended rail-guided design17.03.20
RA 200TT-formwork, make: SCHWINGHAMMERlength: 62 running meters, mirror width: 3.90 m, web height max. 800-300 mm, web width: max. 300 mm, core dimension: 920 - 1260 mm, outside mirror width max. 950 mm17.03.20
RA 204Binder formwork for saddle roof truss, make MERTENcompl. steel formwork, max. length: 38 m, hydr. movable, incl. 17 vibrators BOSCH17.03.20
RA 205Binder formwork, steel formwork - Betoplan planked, make: HOWAL Hystan length: 52.50 m, height: 2.10 m, width: 2.40 - 2.60 m17.03.20
RA 207Twin universal formwork (steel formwork, Betoplan planked) one-man form-work, HOWAL HYSTAN 80/120length 15 m, hydraulic on both sides, controlled usable horizontal concrete cross-sections: variable between 2 x 0.60 x 1.20 m or 1 x 1.60 x 1.20 m, infrared remote control17.03.20
RA 209Single column formwork (steel formwork) SCHWINGHAMMERmax.concrete cross-section: 80 x 80 cm, length: 20 m (1 x 8 m and 2 x 6 m), incl. 10 pcs. external vibrators, converter, spindle adjustment, control17.03.20
RA 210Single column formwork (steel formwork), make: SCHWINGHAMMERmax. concrete cross-section: 80 x 100 cm, length: 24 m (1 x 12 m and 2 x 6 m)17.03.20
RA 212Single-chamber column formwork SCHWINGHAMMER, 2 pcs. á 30 m (2 x 15 m) chamber dimension: approx. 1.80 x 2.00 m, electr. movable, vibrators BOSCH Against bid! The owner need the space for other equipment!17.03.20
RA 215Stairwork systemstraight barrel, sharp-edged, pitch: 18/27 (fix), up to 18 gradients, barrel width up to approx. 1.30 m17.03.20
RA 228Spiral stairwork formwork NUSPL, 2 pcs. 1 x half-left spiral, 1 x half right-handed, up to 18 gradients, 5 pitch heights, running widths: 100, 110, 120 cmWECKENMANN, 1 concrete distributor with vibrator WECKENMANN, 1 cleaning device, 1 cross wiper made of plastic, steel longitudinal support, with magnets, sufficient for a complete daily production and more17.03.20
RA 362Filigree ceiling track system, 4 pcs. ceiling tracks WECKENMANN3 lanes 75 x 2.50 m, 1 lane 63 x 2.50 m, exposed concrete production possible, 2 plotters 17.03.20
RA 360Filigree ceiling circulation system, make: BUMAT, 40 pcs. manufacturing pallets2.50 x 17.50 m, cleaner-plotter oiler, cross wire machine mobile, compl. steel processing station, concrete distributor, vibrating station, drying chamber, lifting crane, trolley etc.17.03.20
RA 365Circulation system for double walls, 20 stackable circulation pallets 6,50 x 3,00 m2 pcs. elec. reversing frame with load compensation, cleaning station, shaking station, frequency-controlled, 8 fixed castors, friction wheel drive17.03.20
RA 369Element ceiling recirculation system make: AVERMANNalso for solid parts up to 20 cm, consisting of: 80 pallets (2.20 x 9.30 m), lifting clip Weckenmann, QRPÖ device for independent cleaning, plotting, oiling and setting the cross adjuster, cleaning machine for lengthways racks PROGRESS bending, cutting, straightening machine, 6-16 mm, PROGRESS lattice girder cutting machine, SOMMER concrete distributor, autom. crane for storing, retrieving, stacking the pallets in parallel aisle17.03.20
RA 383New circulation system for the production of filigree ceilingsdouble walls and insulating walls, for a floor plan of approx. 18x70 m with the use of 25 pallets, for pallet dimensions: 3.20 x 10.60 m formwork area17.03.20
RA 390Mat grabber, make: NORDGREIFload capacity: 5,000 kg each, built in 2012, 17.03.20
RA 391Internal gripper, 3 pcs, for coils, make: INTERSIGload capacity: 5,000 kg each, built in 201017.03.20
RA 3944-roll bending machine, make: BIKO type B4 3128year 2018 !, working width: 3 m, sheet thickness capacity: 10 mm17.03.20
RA 395Vertical panel saw, make: WEIBERTmax. cutting area: 4 x 2 m17.03.20
RA 396Table saw, make: ALTENDORF F45saw blade diameter up to 400 mm, adjustment angle up to 45 degrees17.03.20