RA 060New vibrators for vibrating tables10 pieces, delta connection: 230 V, star connection: 400 V, input power: 1,3 kW, current A max: delta connection 4.24 A, star connection 2.44 A03.02.2019
RA 102Steel pallets, 4 pcsheavy duty, length: 11 m, width: 3,60 m03.02.2019
RA 127Tilting tables, hydr., make: HOWAL type 2800dimensions of the formwork surface each: 3,50 x 8 m, wood covering with betoplan, 2 pcs. hydr. ram03.02.2019
RA 130Folding / tilting table for double walls, 2 pcs., make: SOMMERyear 2007 – were very little used, button area: 7.215 x 3.140 mm, max. load: 11,000 kg, possible double wall thickness: 180 - 400 mm, steel covering 8 mm - flat and even, incl. electric vibrator, frequency converter, control03.02.2019
RA 131Folding pallet for double walls SCHWINGHAMMERdimensions per table: 12.50 x 3.50 m, wall thickness: 20-40 cm, incl. 2 x 8 vibrators, hydraulic unit03.02.2019
RA 135Filigree slabs, 2 pcs., make: WECKENMANNproduction length: each 87 running meters, production width: 2.40 m each, incl. Vibrating carriages per runway03.02.2019
RA 136Filigree slabs, 2 pcs., make: WECKENMANNproduction length: each 65 running meters, production width: 2.20 m each, vibrating carriages/ runway03.02.2019
RA 158Concrete distributor, make AVERMANNworking width: 2,480 mm, bucket length 1,600 mm, bucket width 2,500 mm, bucket volume 3 cbm03.02.2019
RA 159concrete distributor , brand: SCHWINGHAMMER Type IIIcapacity: 6 cbm, track gauge 4,000 mm, concreting of precast concrete with a width of 2500 up to 3700 mm 2 and with concrete save03.02.2019
RA 160Concrete distributor EBAWEcontent: 2 cbm, outlet width: 1.25 m, with 14 slide valves, longitudinal and lateral travel via joystick infinitely variable, ground-moving, the concrete distributor03.02.2019
RA 166Plotter, make: EBAWEyear 2013, very good, like new condition, was in production for double walls and ceiling tiles, max. driveway: 12.975 x 3.813 m03.02.2019
RA 180Monolithic formwork for transformer stationsin very good condition! Light unit dimensions: L. 4 mx W: 2.50 mx H: 3.20 m, wall thickness 10 cm, with mounted external vibrators03.02.2019
RA 195Column formwork, year 2008, very little used!Support from base: 800 x 40 x 60 cm, tapered part: 500 x 24 x 60 cm, base: 200 x 290 x 50 cm, support: one longitudinal side formwork height (60 cm) rigidly connected to the ground, one longitudinal side hinged03.02.2019
RA 208Twin column formwork NUSPL Duplexvery well maintained condition, 4 years ago compl. overhauled, total length: 21 m, segment length 12 + 9 m, max. production height: 1,200 mm, max. production width: 800 mm on both sides, central hydro pump aggregate, incl. 14 pcs. high-frequency vibrators03.02.2019
RA 209Bridge girder formwork, make: SCHWINGHAMMERlength 30 m, also suitable for beams, rod parts and quiver supports with brackets03.02.2019
RA 210Column formwork / steel formwork, Betoplan plankedlength: 20 m, height of shell: 1.20 m, width: max. 1.60 m03.02.2019
RA 211Binder formwork, hydr. adjustable, make: AVERMANNfor loose and tensioned rod parts or binders, up to max. length 38 m, component height up to 210 cm width upper chord up to approx. 60 cm, year of construction approx. 2001, upper and lower belt variably adjustable, hydraulics movable on both sides03.02.2019
RA 218Staircase formwork, make: HOWAL Varioflex 18/150sharp-edged version, high exposed concrete quality because "overhead production", steps: 18, step height15 - 20 cm, run/tread: 25 - 31 cm, max. flight width: 1.50 m, easy platform attachment possible at any stage of the formwork!03.02.2019
RA 222Staircase formwork, make: HOWAL Varioplus G II 18/12518 steps, running width: 1.25 m, incl. platforms, hand / spindle adjustment03.02.2019
RA 228Spiral staircase formwork SCHWINGHAMMER3 pitch heights, each with 1 left hand and 1 right-angle formwork possible, pitch heights: 17.7; 17.9 and 18.3 cm running widths 100 or 90 cm possible, 13-17 gradients, possible stairs: half-wound form, 2 x 1/4-coiled and 1x1 / 4-coiled shape, each left- or right-hand spiralled03.02.2019
RA 368Two complete production lines / pallet circulation systemconsisting of: 1. circulation system for ceiling and double walls, make: SOMMER, 2. circulation system for solid walls and Liapor, make: VOLLERT, 65 pieces of pallets, 12.50 x 3.20 m, system components (among others): storage and retrieval machine, buffer storage, pallet cleaner, formwork robot, steel processing, concrete transport, bucket conveyor, concrete distributor ceiling and wall, double wall turning device, double station lifting station, pallet cleaner, solid wall production, solid wall control computer, stacker crane solid wall03.02.2019