RA 022 used vacuum lifter for concrete slabs max. 10 x 2.70 m, make Hilgenbergyear of construction 2014, load capacity up to 6.000 kg incl. spring cable drum for power supply from the indoor crane to the vacuum lifter type 3 KF 211
RA 031used balancing beam NUSPL, to hang on a crane,load capacity 20,4 tons, dimensions of the truss: width 2.650 mm, length 7.195 mm
RA 032Lifting device for attachment to existing hall crane, WECKENMANN 32 KN, load capacity 3.2 to, for workpieces up to 3 m wide, 6 m long
RA 061used shuttering magnet robot for pallet size 10,5 x 3,0 mor setting the magnets for shuttering element slabs and double wall elements, double gripper for 2 pcs. magnets with rotating device, incl. plotting device on the robot head
RA 1158 pcs. of used circular formwork, make Peri Rundflex, year of construction 2007size each 3,00 x 6,60 m, for radii from 2,50 m, stationary set up in the concrete factory for prefabrication e.g. for liquid manure tanks, curves are freely adjustable
RA 121used formwork for ceiling beamslength 11 m, base width each 11 cm, base height each 4,5 cm
RA 1226 used formwork tables / vibrating tables3x 3,80 x 6,00 m, 2x 3,70 x 6,00 m, 1x 3,50 x 6,00 m, incl. 5 vibrators each
RA 123used twin column formwork Avermannoverall lenght 18 m steel formwork with wooden planking, max. chamber width: 80 cm, height: 1,20 m high elements were created by raising the sides
RA 124used hydraulic tilting table, make Löffleryear of construction 2012 - like new condition, production size: 3.000 x 1.600 mm, load 800 kg, tilting table made of steel with hardwood covering
RA 125used formwork tables, 67 pieces2,40 x 10,50 m, for solid ceilings
RA 1263 used hydraulic tilting tables (tipping grate / concrete plan planked), make Avermanndimensions: 12 x 5 m, load capacity: 500 kg/m²
RA 190used bar formwork, make Technoplan, twin formworkeach chamber 16 m long, max. mold size: 1,0 m wide, 1,2 m height
RA 192used bar formwork, length 12 mmax. production height 75 cm, max. production width 50 cm
RA 193used twin formwork18 m long with a maximum cross-section of 1,20 x 1,00 m including molded foot
RA 196used single-chamber column formwork SCHWINGHAMMER steel formworkformwork elements 4 pieces per 10 m length, 1 piece 12 m length, max.crosssection 75 x 80 cm, the formwork parts can be erected individually or in a total length of 52 m
RA 197used column formwork, make Schwinghammerlength 23,80 m, twin formwork, max. chamber size: 1,00 x 1,00 m, steel formwork
RA 205Binder formwork / bar formwork EBABWEsteel formwork, wood planked Lenght: 25 m, width: 0 – 850 mm, height max. 1,40 m, hydr. adjustable
RA 212Single-chamber bar formwork SCHWINGHAMMER2 pcs. Á 30 m (2 x 15 m), chamber dimensions 1.80 x 2.00 m, electr. movable, vibrator BOSCH
RA 213used stair formwork, make Howal Variotop 18/150horizontal stair formwork, overhead production, up to 18 steps and a maximum width of 1,50 m, platforms above and below 1,25 m, incl. hydraulic unit
RA 214used straight stair formwork, sharp-edged version18 inclines (adjustable), gradient heights 16,5 to 20 cm, tread width 26 cm fix
RA 220used staircase formwork make Howal, delta formwork ramp type 15/300 with steel coveringbuilt in 2019, for the production of prefabricated stairs with entry and exit platforms, installation position up to a width of 2,98 m on the formwork side, platform stairs with 3-15 (or 18 steps, depending on the pitch ratio)
RA 340used battery mold, hanging and electrically movableleft side 4 chambers each 120 x 6.000 mm and 3 chambers each 140 x 6.000 mm (formwork dimensions), right side 5 chambers each 140 x 6.000 mm and 2 chambers each 100 x 6.000 mm (formwork dimension)
RA 350used production for wall elements made of flat clayconsisting of: 4x hydraulic tilting tables, vibrating roller, lightweight concrete spreader make Fibo, heavy concrete spreader make Fibo
RA 352used production line, turnkey solar module production, year of construction 2008very good condition, possible operating hours per day 23 h, typical solar module size 1.661 x 997 mm, solar cell dimensions 156 x 156 mm, other cell sizes possible, mono- and polycrystalline, string: cells per string max 12 min 6, gap between cells 2 - 500 mm, controls: PLC Siemens S7, Mitsubishi FX
RA 354used pallet circulation system for filigree ceilings, make Avermannconsisting of: concrete distributor with a volume of 1,5 cbm, vibration station, 15 production pallets with a working width of 15,50 x 2,24 m
RA 355Complete production for the production of pig slatted floors incl. 15 pcs. mouldsbuilt in 2008, vibrating table, bunker 1.5 cbm, monorail 26 m long, trolley, mould carrier with turning device, etc.
RA 370double wall circulation system, make: VOLLERT / WECKENMANN, year buidling: 2007up to 50 cm of wall thickness is possible output: 44 pallets (3,00 x 8,30 m), lift-off station with tipping function RPÖ device, cutting and staightening machine PROGRESS, concrete spreading machine
RA 377used ceiling circulation system / wall system, consisting of: ceiling system with 40 steel pallets make Nuspl 2,40 x 13,50 mconcrete spreader + MRP plotter, stacking crane in the hardening chamber, compaction, wall system circulation system, 12 pallets 3 x 7 m, with laser sstem for embeds and outlines
RA 396used mat gripper / tongs, make Nordgreif-Rindtload capacity 5.600 kg, for crane operation, gripping distance 2.150 mm
RA 3981 used battery formwork for u-shafts / stairwells­­­­3 different cross-sections