BA 078used paving stone system, make Schlosser type SP 3000with mixing plant for facing and backing concrete, consisting of: stone molding machine make Schlosser type SP 3000, board size: 1.400 x 800 mm, Simatic S7 control, vehible group make SFH, drying chamber make Rotho, 2.500 plastic boards, strapping system make Strapex
BA 450used complete plant for the production of sand-lime bricks, autonomous production plant with 6 employeesthe plant is designed for a production of 50.000 tons/year, current production quantity per day approx. 150 tons, or 200 pallets, or 800 m² wall area, 3 products: KS 6.5 10-18, KS 9 10-20, KS 14 10-20, KS 19 12-18, KS bevel stones, end stones
BM 151used multilayer machine, make Knauer Economyyear of construction 1999, very good condition, 11 shapes for: curbs, boulders and cubes, 1.800 pieces of wooden production pallets 1.200 x 700 x 50 mm
BM 152used complete paving plant with mixing plant, multi-layer make Zenith 844 Nr. 1501 Siemens S5 control and hydraulics were renewed in 2000, incl. approx. 250 boards, incl. approx. 10 production molds, incl. roller conveyor, incl. packaging, incl. slat conveyor and automatic gripper for doubling and buffering finished packages, incl. mixing plant make Teka 750 liters, control make Bikotronik, incl. bucket conveyor to the production machine, incl. scapers and cement silos
BF 095used tilt molding machine, make Humarbo type PXV-3year of construction 2018, for large components: max. size LWH 3,00 x 1,40 x 1,10 m in immediate demoulding, the tilt molding machine is suitable for reinforced or non-reinforced products such as foundations, V-stones, manhole bodies etc. with a max. weight of approx. 2.500 kg
BF 097used soil finisher, make Zenith 913incl. 4 molds for: hollow blocks 49/17,5/17,5 cm, 30/24/17,5 cm, 36/24/17,5 cm, 36/24/23,8 cm
BF 098used floor paver make Knauer type 129 Aproduction width: 1.274 mm, production depth: 1.000 mm, incl. 2 tornado vibrators