BA 074Stone production plant, make: HENKEwith face and back concrete, control SIEMENS Simatic S5, board dimensions: 1400x800x40 mm, incl. approx. 20 pcs. paving stone molds, with hardening chamber HAARUP on rollers, 3 rows, 8 floors each, capacity: 1224 pcs., strapping system (with stretch film)17.03.20
BA 081Complete stone production line, make: LINGLcompl. circuit, board size: 1400 x 1100 x 50 mm, vehicle group, slewing REKERS, with carbide table plates and mold holder OMAG (quick clamping), shelf ROTHO 3264 pitches, with insulation, shelf spacing 250 mm17.03.20
BA 087Stone production line for paving, high and low board and high products such as planter, make HENKE HBV 1400/1000incl. TEKA mixing plant, top condition! with core and attachment, board size: 1400 x 1000 mm, with turntable - movable for high products, incl. approx. 50 pcs. to form17.03.20
BA 120Complete plant for the production of e.g. H-Block and solid blocks, mixing plant SCHLOSSER1500 ltr. discharge, block making machine SCHLOSSER SV 400, 29 pcs. forms for complete program of solid and hollow concrete blocks, sheet size: 1400 x 600 mm, complete circulation: traverse hardening chamber, lowerator, filling system of hollow bricks with Styrofoam, frothing, dry side…17.03.20
BF 099Egglayer incl. vibrator and load vibrator, make: KNAUER HF 104 Standard / A7ECincl. mold equipment (14 molds) for hollow concrete block, liapor system block, liapor solid bricks, basement seepage bricks etc.17.03.20
BF 100Floor paver, manufacturer KNAUER HF 104 Aincl. 1 molds for lightweight concrete slabs, shaped stone chimneys, plant rings, block steps17.03.20
BF 101Universal paver, make: SCHINDLER STF-U-260for straight, reinforced and unreinforced elements, such as lintels, angle steps, block steps and window sills, incl. shape for lintels, incl. drying rack, very well maintained! little used!17.03.20
BM 102Multi-layer, make: KNAUER 400-5 incl. 25 molds for double composite stone, rectangular stone, grano-nostalite, terreno paving, grass pavers ...17.03.20
BP 503Fully automatic turntable press, make: MASA HENKE type hermetic Silenta 80/600/7, completely overhauled with new control S7, press-force: 600 tons, at an additional cost, a complete mold frames are included! 17.03.20
BP 515Complete production for pavement slabs, ground concrete slabs, frost-resistant terrazzo and structured slabs, with TEKA mixing plant and further processing, hermetic plate press HENKE UNI 2000, 7 stations - pressing pressure 1000 to, shapes: 40x40, 60x40 per x5 cm each 2-fold, approx. 250 steel pallets, calibrating machine, grinding machine blasting machine SCHLICK, autom. packaging RIDDER17.03.20