BA 010Complete circulation for a board system, make: GEMINI factoryincl. racking system ROTHO, steel pallets 1,350 x 760 x 12 mm, table stackercart conveyor, palletizing and parcel transport, electric and electronic system, hardening gate03.02.2019
BA 073Stone manufacturing plant, make: VIBRO BLOCKyear 1980-2000, board size 1350 x 1150 x 50 mm, 1100 underlay boards, as new, lifting /lowering ladder, double thrust, dry rack bearing for 1200 boards (bolted), horizontal strapping, 34 molds: hollow block, solid block, liapor, compensating formats03.02.2019
BA 080Concrete block plant with face and back concrete, LINGL / MASALINGL facility, board size 1400 x 1050 mm, lowerator, sliding platform, transversal board transport, control SIEMENS03.02.2019
BA 087Stone production line for pavinghigh and low board and high products such as planter, make HENKE HBV 1400/1000, incl. TEKA mixing plant, top condition! with core and attachment, board size: 1400 x 1000 mm, with turntable - movable for high products, incl. approx. 50 pcs. to form03.02.2019
BA 100Paving stone production SCHLOSSER SV 500wet side SCHLOSSER, dry side REKERS, compl. circulation with mixing plant (without silos), face and backed concrete, year 1996/2000, board size 1420 x 1000 mm, production capacity: approx. 1400 qm/shift depending on the product, reduced price!03.02.2019
BA 120Complete plant for the production of e.g. H-Block and solid blocks, mixing plant SCHLOSSER 1500 ltr. Dischargeblock making machine SCHLOSSER SV 400 incl. 29 pcs. forms for complete program of solid and hollow concrete blocks sheet size: 1400 x 600 mm, complete circulation: traverse hardening chamber, lowerator, filling system of hollow bricks with Styrofoam, frothing, dry side with baling grippers, chamber heating03.02.2019
BF 103Egglayer, make: KNAUER Type 129 ACEincl. 3 molds for HBL, 1 low profile, mold, 1 green edge shape03.02.2019
BP 503Fully automatic turntable press, make: MASA HENKE type hermetic Silenta 80/600/7completely overhauled with new control S7, press-force: 600 tons, at an additional cost, a complete mold frames are included!03.02.2019
BP 505Complete terrazzo production, consisting of: 1. Slab press CHIESA Atomik 9207 stations, 500 tons pressing pressure main press and 30 tons pre-pressing, 2. Cutting device upright, 3. Grinding plant CASSANI03.02.2019
BP 513BECKER plate pressplate flat tray, pressure to 500, forms 30 x 30, 50 x 5003.02.2019
BP 515Sliding table press, make: HÄGEpress pressure: 315 to 0,5 cbm = 500 to, cycle time: 32-27 sec. depending on format, faultless condition! incl. moulds: 1 x 2x50 / 50, 1 x 50/25/50/75, 1 x 3x50 / 25, 1 x 3x40 / 40 (as new)03.02.2019