BV 150Paving stone packaging, make: HENKEfully automatic, max. package size: 1000 x 1400 x 1200 mm, control S 520.10.2020
BV 201Production boards, approx. 4,100 pcs. make: TECBOARD (WASA)board dimension 1,450 x 980 x 50, with honeycomb structure inside20.10.2020
BV 202Production boards, approx. 1500-1800 pcs. good condition!dimensions: 1400 x 940 x 50.3 mm, make: PERI PAVE, with finnish plywood, on both sides with special coating, the stacks are stored with 24 pieces / stack20.10.2020
BV 300Blasting machine, make: SCHLICK type Rotojetwith dedusting unit, year of Manufacture: 2000, passage width: 600 mm, length: approx. 8000 mm20.10.2020
VE 011Dry separator, make: HANDTE Umwelttechnikyear of manufacture 2011, air flow: 5,000 cbm / h, engine power: 7,5 kW20.10.2020
VE 012Heating AL-KO (heating oil)300 kw, for a hall (70 x 20 m, height 7 m)20.10.2020
VE 015Extractor for wood dust, make: NESTROpumped medium: air, operating temperature -40 °C, solids, perm. residual dust content: 0.2, max. 45 ° C, type of solids: wood dust, lightweight parts up to 20 mm, max. 200 bar * m / s20.10.2020
VE 040Water tanks made of steel or heavy oil / oil-water mixture tanks1 tank 40 cbm, 1 tank 50 cbm, double-walled, above ground, security level GS: C20.10.2020
VE 062Generating unit PRAMAC GSW 150approx. 1350 working hours, 141 kW, 150 KVA20.10.2020
VE 065Low loader boxes for the transport of precast concrete parts / walls16 pcs, dimensions per box: L: 6,150 mm, W: 2,400 mm, H: 2,050 mm20.10.2020
VE 097New A-frames6 pcs, for finished parts up to approx. 3 m high, for parts 8 - 10 tons, (8 tons when installing one frame)20.10.2020
VE 203New heavy duty trailer2 pcs. with double turntable steering, capacity 20 to, length: 6000 mm, width: 2500 mm, height: 900 mm, and 2nd trailer: 8.000 x 2.000 x 900 mm, steerable rear axle, steerable front axle, on request with reversible drawbar20.10.2020
VE 204New heavy duty trailer, make: WMTload capacity: 15 to, length 6,000 x 2,500 mm, height 625 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire dimensions: 426 x 260 mm, small turning circle, machine weight: 1.86 to20.10.2020
VE 2053 pcs. heavy duty trailer, newcapacity: 30 to, 3 dimensions: LxWxH: 6,500 x 2,500 x 900 m, LxWxH: 8,000 x 2,500 x 900 mm, LxWxH: 9,000 x 2,500 x 900 mm, solid rubber tires, double turntable steering, smallest turning circle, retractable drawbar20.10.2020
VE 206New Heavy-duty trailer, make: WMTload capacity: 35 to, length 7,000 x 2,500 mm, height 600 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire: dimensions: 8 pcs. 450 x 300 mm, small turning circle, double steering knuckle20.10.2020
VE 208New heavy-duty trailer, make: WMTload capacity: 40 to, length 9,000 x 3,000 mm, height 900 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire dimensions: 8 pcs. 450 x 300 mm, small turning circle, double steering, tilt-proof, because the steering lock is limited20.10.2020
VE 230Truck aerial work platform for internal traffic, make: WUMAG-ELEVANTworking height: 18.50 m, reach: 9.50 m20.10.2020
VE 234Paver, make: VÖGELE Super 800with screed AB 200 TV, working width 1.10 to 3.20 m20.10.2020
VE 300Diesel forklift truck, make: LINDE H 60 Dload capacity: 6 tons, lifting height: 4.50 m, fork length: 1.20 m20.10.2020
VE 701Format and edging circular saw, make: MAKA KS 1400especially suitable for miter cuts, rolling table length: 1400 mm, with tiltable saw blade 0-45 degrees20.10.2020
VE 900Land belt systemconveyor length 1,195 m / belt width 800 mm, consisting of 2 belts, 1st floor belt including feed chute, conveyor capacity: max. 400 t / h, axis distance: 620 m, belt width: 800 mm, 2nd floor conveyor incl. Feed chute, delivery rate: max. 400 t / h, axis distance: 575 m, belt width: 800 mm20.10.2020