BV 190Forms, 4 pcs. for ZENITH 939 HB FAZconsisting of: 2 pcs. plant shapes and 2 pcs. embankment stone shapes03.02.2019
BV 201Production boards, approx. 4,100 pcs. make: TECBOARD (WASA)board dimension 1,450 x 980 x 50, with honeycomb structure inside03.02.2019
BV 202Horizontal steelband strapping machine, make: RIDDER AM 403 Hyear 2001, small packets 560 x 980, large packages 820 x 128003.02.2019
BV 203Stretch film machine, make: BÖHL Junior / S-450 VAproduct dimensions: width 50-420 mm, height 200-300 mm, length 750 mm to infinity, max. cross-section diagonal: 430 mm03.02.2019
BV 204Pneum. 6-axis robotic gripper, make: COMBUS C4G / Robogrip P-4 capacity: 800 kg, with CPS control C 46, with 4-sided stone clamp incl. base frame, 4-sided robotic gripper for fully automatic packaging or stacking in the concrete industry03.02.2019
BV 301Stone breaker, 4 pcs, make: PROBST type Almicutting width 900 mm, cutting height: 370 mm, diameter cured with 4 cutting sides, pressure: 20 tons03.02.2019
BV 303Stone rumbling machine / aging line for paving stonesincl. conveyor belt, stone drum sorter, packager make: Lingl, roller transport for products on Euro plate03.02.2019
BV 304Beads blasting machine for refining of paving stones, make: SCHLICK Roto Jetfull circulation with repatriation of euro pallets of parallel chain track – 2 complete strapping each with a 4-page gripper, passage width: 1,250 mm03.02.2019
BV 306Beads blasting machines, make: TOSCA type TSR 1200only 6020 working hours, working width 1200 mm, product height 500 mm03.02.2019
BV 707Stone construction site sawfor granite, concrete etc., very well preserved! including 30 diamond blades03.02.2019
BV 708Wet stone crosscut saw, on castors - with roller table, for marble, granite slabsconcrete slabs, bricks and many other stone materials, year 2005, roller table length: 310 cm, incl. diamond disc 25 cm diameter03.02.2019
BV 714Grinding machine SCHINDLERe.g. for concrete blocks and concrete slabs, 2 grinding stations, diam. approx. 750 mm, max. working width 700 mm03.02.2019
BV 741Cube pressure bending test machine, make: SEIDNER type UPM 300power: 300 Mp, 3000 kN, last calibration: Feb. 201803.02.2019
BV 750suction / filter system for 6 work places AitJetHigh40with cyclone cartridge filter, year 2012, air flow 1000 cbm / h, (automatic control as required)03.02.2019
DV 070Concrete mixer motor + gearboxfrom a BHS mixer with mixer content 2.25 cbm, built in 200103.02.2019
DV 752Concrete bucket, make: EICHINGER750 ltr.03.02.2019
DV 802Rest concrete washing system, make: BIBKO RAM 20hot-dip galvanized, system tray washer, trough length 2500 mm, with wash-out screw length 2000 mm, discharge height 2000 mm, washing capacity: approx. 12 cbm / h, control for fully automatic control of the complete recycling plant, scavenging gallows03.02.2019
DV 803Residual concrete washing plant KLÄRFIX KSW 600inlet funnel, wash-out screw new with overhauled storage system, washing gallow, accessories, stairs, ladder, agitator with console for pool, control cabinet complete with automatic control03.02.2019
DV 848Automatic scraper, make: ELBA RSA 70 Dpower: 155 cbm / h with 17.50 m boom length, full box registration, TV monitoring03.02.2019
VE 015Extractor for wood dust, make: NESTROpumped medium: air, operating temperature -40 °C, solids, perm. residual dust content: 0.2, max. 45 ° C, type of solids: wood dust, lightweight parts up to 20 mm, max. 200 bar * m / s03.02.2019
VE 020combi burner (dual fuel burners), make: WEISHAUPTfor light fuel oil or gas, max. power: 10,700 kW, year 2013 only 1936 working hours03.02.2019
VE 022Heating systems, 2 pcspower: 1400 per kW, with WEISSHAUPT dual fuel burner type GL40 / 1 B, built in 2006, dual fuel oil / gas, with switch cabinet / high-efficiency pumps03.02.2019
VE 023High-pressure quartz lamps32 pcs., from 250 watts to 400 watts, extremely well-kept condition!03.02.2019
VE 050Refrigerant dryer, make DRYER DW 7year of construction 2016, absolutely mint condition!03.02.2019
VE 051Stationary air compressor plant, make:. ATLAS COPCObuilt in 2004, with Cold dryer, 2,000 l compressed air tank03.02.2019
VE 061Power generators, make: KRUPP MaK diesel engine + Piller generator motor power: 1,019 kW at 1,000 r / min, generator: KVA: ca. 1000-120003.02.2019
VE 080Inloader pallets with boom and screw cap, 50 pcs.dimensions: length = 9500 mm, width = 1520 mm, pallet includes: 2 positions for placing a boom, 2 positions for tie rods, 4 lifting eyes, boom height 2351 mm, width 1500 mm03.02.2019
VE 093A-blocks, 7 piecesfor the storage of prefabricated parts / wall plates etc., dimensions of the finished parts to be stored: approx. 10 x 3 m, dimension of foundation plate: 2520 mm03.02.2019
VE 094New bearing blocks, 15 pcs4 m length, for precast parts, height: 1900 mm, width: 1500 mm, length: 4000 mm03.02.2019
VE 095New bearing blocks, 20 pcs.6 m length, for finished parts, height: 2580 mm, width: 3000 mm, length: 6000 mm03.02.2019
VE 096New A-frames, 10 pcs.with forklift pockets, length 3000 mm, width 2500 mm, height 2316 mm, upright UNP 100 - crossbeam UNP 120, Koker profile80x80x603.02.2019
VE 204Heavy duty platform trailer, make: KRUPPlifting capacity 25 to, length 6,400 mm, width 2,500 mm, all axles steered03.02.2019
VE 205Heavy goods vehiclecarrying capacity: 10-12 to, dimensions: 6 x 2.50 m, with swap body03.02.2019
VE 207Heavy goods vehiclecarrying capacity: 30 to, dimensions: 6,50 x 2,50 m, wood covering 40 mm, with swap body03.02.2019
VE 210Telescopic aerial work platform, self-propelled TKD 3100 Ddiesel hydr. driven, working height standard working platform: 33,10 m, lateral reach max. standard working platform: 22 m, rated load: 250 kg, Deutz F4L 101103.02.2019
VE 212Diesel forklift, make: VALMET TD3012lifting capacity: 30 to, lifting height: 6,200 mm, height: 3,800 mm, free lift: 1,900 mm, fork length: 2,200 mm price and delivery are directly negotiable!03.02.2019
VE 306Diesel Forklift, make: LINDE H 80 D 01year of construction 2011/ 11692 working hours, lifting capacity: 8 to, lifting height: 5650 mm, 3rd + 4th valve03.02.2019
VE 307Diesel forklift, make: LINDE H 80 D 01year 2012/6290 Bh, lifting capacity: 8 to, incl. fork positioner and side shift, lifting height: 3.750 mm03.02.2019
VE 350Wheel loader, make: CATERPILLARyear 1998, 21763 operating hours, regular service, overhauled in 2018 incl. new tires, breakaway force: 366 kN, bucket capacity heaped: 5 cbm, bucket capacity to the edge: 3.1 cbm03.02.2019
VE 605Planer for dressing BÄUERLE type AS 51with electric motor, 5.5 hp / 380 volt03.02.2019
VE 606Combined surface planer thicknesser, make: FELDER AD 741/02year 200303.02.2019
VE 700Sliding table saw, make: FELDER K 700S Probuilt in 200003.02.2019
VE 800Belt weigher, make: SCHENCK PROCESSconveying capacity: 12 - 120 to / h, bulk material: limestone, bulk density: 1.3 to / sqm, grain size: max. 100 mm, humidity: max. 5%, belt width / center distance: 1200/3500 mm, weight approx. 1600 kg, belt drive: in conveying direction right.03.02.2019
VE 900Combined heating system (wood chips / heating oil), make: WVT Bioflamm output: 2000 kW, boiler consisting of: degassing burner for wood pallets boiler part and oil burner, exhaust system to the chimney03.02.2019