VE 012Heating AL-KO (heating oil)300 kw, for a hall (70 x 20 m, height 7 m) 2021-07-20
VE 015 Extractor for wood dust NESTROresidual dust content: 0.2, max. 45 ° C, lightweight parts up to 20 mm 2021-07-20
VE 035 1 mobile climbing aid NUSPELfor formwork up to 3m high 2021-07-20
VE 049 transformer station (skid station)oil transformer 500kVA, input voltage 20.000V output voltage 400V 2021-07-20
VE 061 road vehicle scale 50to PFISTERdimensions: L/W/H: 18,54x3,54x1,50 m 2021-07-20
VE 062 Generating unit PRAMAC GSW 150approx. 1350 working hours, 141 kW, 150 KVA 2021-07-20
VE 064 sample stand for concrete slabsheight: 188cm, width: 120cm, hot-dip galvanized 2021-07-20
VE 065 Low loader boxes for the transport of precast concrete parts / walls16 pcs, dimensions per box: L: 6,150 mm, W: 2,400 mm, H: 2,050 mm 2021-07-20
VE 199 heavy duty trailer7 pcs, load capacity: 5to, platform 1000x2000mm 2021-07-20
VE 204 New heavy duty trailer, make: WMTload capacity: 15 to, length 6,000 x 2,500 mm, height 625 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire dimensions: 426 x 260 mm, small turning circle, machine weight: 1.86 to 2021-07-20
VE 206 New Heavy-duty trailer WMTload capacity: 35 to, length 7,000 x 2,500 mm, height 600 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire: dimensions: 8 pcs. 450 x 300 mm, small turning circle, double steering knuckle 2021-07-20
VE 208 New heavy-duty trailer WMTload capacity: 40 to, length 9,000 x 3,000 mm, height 900 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire dimensions: 8 pcs. 450 x 300 mm, small turning circle, double steering, tilt-proof, because the steering lock is limited 2021-07-20
VE 312 all terrain forklift, make: Steinbockload capacity 16 to, fork length 2200mm Lifting height 3000mm 2021-07-20
VE 701 Format and edging circular saw, make: MAKA KS 1400 2021-07-20
VE 806 used conveyor belt make Bertramlength 13 m, belt width 400 mm, with adjustable feet, pull cord, fully functional 2021-07-20
BV 205 horizontal strapping system with test stand, plastic strapping, including a second replacement welding headmin. package size: 70x70cm, max.: 130x130cm, control system: SIEMENS S5 2021-07-20
BV 699 Stone saw WASSMER type DFS-04 D-2built in 2005, for H-block and building blocks, horizontal and vertical saw support, height adjustable 2021-07-20
BV 700 used double milling machine SFHdouble milling machine for pumice products, for plan stones 2021-07-20
BV 720 new aging drumspecifications: diameter 1.250mm, drum wall thickness 8mm, length of the drum: 4.600mm 2021-07-20