BV 150Paving stone packaging, make: HENKE, fully automatic, max. package size: 1000 x 1400 x 1200 mm, control S 517.03.20
BV 200Production pallets / steel pallets, approx. 300 pcs, for a Zenith 844, pallet size: 1250 x 1050 mm17.03.20
BV 202Approx. 1800 pcs production boards, year 2008, good condition, meassures: 1400 x 940 x 50,3 mm, make: PERI PAVE, with finnish plywood, both sides with special coating17.03.20
BV 201Production boards, approx. 4,100 pcs. make: TECBOARD (WASA), board dimension 1,450 x 980 x 50, with honeycomb structure inside17.03.20
BV 203Stretch film machine BÖHL Junior / S-450 VA, product dimensions: width 50-420 mm, height 200-300 mm, length 750 mm, max. cross-section diagonal: 430 mm17.03.20
BV 300Blasting machine, make: SCHLICK type Rotojet, with dedusting unit, year of Manufacture: 2000, passage width: 600 mm, length: approx. 8000 mm17.03.20
BV 622Complete manufacturing facility for the production of manhole rings, make: SOMMER, max. nominal width 2500 mm, max. construction height 1000 mm, with loading system for substructure on mixer, transfer hopper, conveyor belt, swivel arm in an extremely stable design, vibrator control, molds for manhole rings DN 1500 mm, DN 2000 mm, DN 2500 mm, pit cover17.03.20
BV 700Stone block saw, make: SCHLATTER type BS 1600, with automatic cutting sequence, cutting depth adjustable via sensor, incl. control with plug-in cards17.03.20
BV 707Stone construction site saw, for granite, concrete etc., very well preserved! including 30 diamond blades17.03.20
BV 708Wet stone crosscut saw, on castors - with roller table, for marble, granite slabs, concrete slabs, bricks and many other stone materials, year 2005, roller table length: 310 cm, incl. diamond disc 25 cm diameter17.03.20
VE 011Dry separator, make: HANDTE Umwelttechnik, year of manufacture 2011, air flow: 5,000 cbm / h, engine power: 7,5 kW17.03.20
VE 012Heating AL-KO (heating oil), 300 kw, for a hall (70 x 20 m, height 7 m)17.03.20
VE 015Extractor for wood dust, make: NESTRO, pumped medium: air, operating temperature -40 °C, solids, perm. residual dust content: 0.2, max. 45 ° C, type of solids: wood dust, lightweight parts up to 20 mm, max. 200 bar * m / s17.03.20
VE 030Container office, make: CONTAINEX, 2 containers + toilet container, excellent condition! high-quality trapezoidal sheet roof, on galvanized steel beams, grating entrance platforms per container, including air conditioning17.03.20
VE 062Generating unit PRAMAC GSW 150, approx. 1350 working hours, 141 kW, 150 KVA17.03.20
VE 070Scissor lift, lifting capacity: 3,000 kg, max. lifting height: 1.80 m, dimensions: 2.50 x 1.30 m17.03.20
VE 203New heavy duty trailer, 2 pcs. with double turntable steering, capacity 20 to, length: 6000 mm, width: 2500 mm, height: 900 mm, and 2nd trailer: 8.000 x 2.000 x 900 mm, steerable rear axle, steerable front axle, on request with reversible drawbar17.03.20
VE 204New heavy duty trailer, make: WMT, load capacity: 15 to, length 6,000 x 2,500 mm, height 625 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire dimensions: 426 x 260 mm, small turning circle, machine weight: 1.86 to17.03.20
VE 2053 pcs. heavy duty trailer, new, capacity: 30 to, 3 dimensions: LxWxH: 6,500 x 2,500 x 900 m, LxWxH: 8,000 x 2,500 x 900 mm, LxWxH: 9,000 x 2,500 x 900 mm, solid rubber tires, double turntable steering, smallest turning circle, retractable drawbar17.03.20
VE 208New heavy-duty trailer, make: WMT, load capacity: 40 to, length 9,000 x 3,000 mm, height 900 mm, rear and front axles steerable, tire dimensions: 8 pcs. 450 x 300 mm, small turning circle, double steering, tilt-proof, because the steering lock is limited17.03.20
VE 308Diesel forklift, make: LINDE H 80 D 02, YOM 2012, lifting capacity: 8 to, lifting height: 4800 mm, 3rd valve, 4th valve, heating, full cab, soot filter17.03.20
VE 606Combined surface planer thicknesser, make: FELDER AD 741/02, year 200317.03.20
VE 701Format and edging circular saw, make: MAKA KS 1400, especially suitable for miter cuts, rolling table length: 1400 mm, with tiltable saw blade 0-45 degrees17.03.20
VE 800Belt weigher SCHENCK PROCESS, capacity: 12 - 120 to / h, bulk material: limestone, bulk density: 1.3 to / sqm, grain size: max. 100 mm, humidity: max. 5%, belt width / center distance: 1200/3500 mm, weight 1600 kg, belt drive17.03.20
VE 900Land belt system, conveyor length 1,195 m / belt width 800 mm, consisting of 2 belts, 1st floor belt including feed chute, conveyor capacity: max. 400 t / h, axis distance: 620 m, belt width: 800 mm, 2nd floor conveyor incl. Feed chute, delivery rate: max. 400 t / h, axis distance: 575 m, belt width: 800 mm17.03.20
VE 901Heating system, make: LOOS, compl. with hot water treatment, steam capacity: 600 kg / h, with burner Weißhaupt, steam boiler LOOS17.03.20