MA 105used mixing plant, make Zyklos type ZE 375/250, stationary pan mixer with elevator and cement scalesincl. 2 daily double silos, incl. 1 day silo, 1 conveyor belt FB 500 as collecting belt + weighing
MA 115used mobile concrete mixing plant make Euromexx type Euromobil FAST 30, year of construction 2012completely galvanized with 2 sand / gravel bunkers of 26 cbm each incl. Betonmatic 3 control, incl. mixer: planetary mixer 750/500 (0,5 cbm fixed output), incl. 2 silos, each with a capacity of 29 cbm + 2 cement screws
MA 190used concrete mixing plant make Liebherr Compactmix 1.0 RIM-Myear of construction 2009, very well-kept plant, capacity: 100.000 m³ of concrete output, incl. 2 cement silos
MA 196used mixing plant / ready-mixed concrete plant, make Pemat1 cbm pan mixer, 1 cement silo 60 tons, 1 cement silo 60 tons divided
MA 209used fresh concrete mixing plant, make Liebherr cloverleaf system type Betomix 55 Kmixer make Kniele cone mixer KKM 2000/3000 from 2006, incl. control SPS make Gedis, incl. 80 to silo, 60 to silo and 1x separated 100 to silo (from 2006), incl. 2x 150 to and 4x 75 to aggregate silos
MA 212used mobile concrete mixing plant, make Liebherr Mobilmix 2.0 s star plantpan mixer type ZE 2000/3000, aggregate storage: star with 6 boxes
MA 309used mixer for factory concrete, make OMGyear of construction 2019, consisting of: 1 mixer with a capacity of 3.000 liters (planetary mixer), 3 x 100 cbm sand and gravel silos, 3 x 80 to cement silos, incl. hot water supply and PC control
MA 311used mixing plant for factory concrete, make Skako, year of construction 20142x mixer each with a capacity of 1.875 liters, 3 x 80 to silos (cement), 8 x 50 cbm gravel and sand silos, incl. hot water / steam heating, incl. fiber dosing system, 2x bucket track each 2.000 liters
MA 315used twin-tower mixing plant, make Skakowith 1x 1,5 cbm and 1x 2,0 cbm mixer, 6x binder silos and 6 dosing silos, control CPS and hot water treatment